Tesla’s Louco Optimus Prime robot could enter production in 2023

esta Tesla robotThe evil idea of ​​creating a humanitarian robot surfaced recently at the recent Tesla Cyber ​​Rodeo event near Austin, Texas. The Tesla robot is said to be a human-shaped robot designed to perform tasks that humans do not want to do or that are very dangerous to humans. Elon Musk seems to have the idea very well and believes that robots have a greater impact than Tesla’s electric cars.

The Tesla Bot was first mentioned by Elon Musk during Company AI Day in August 2021. A wealth of information and images was provided, possibly to help people believe that the robot, dubbed Optimus Sub-Prime, was more than that. piada. Tesla is known for building cars, but has never launched a robot to the public. Musk, on the other hand, says that robots are built for advanced car manufacturing processes and that a fully automated Tesla is basically a robe on wheels.

The Tesla Bot has been mentioned regularly since its launch in 2021. Musk says it is possible that the company will produce the first version of the Tesla Bot in 2023, though no prototype has yet been unveiled. That sounds like an illusion, especially given the setbacks that have plagued the company since the start of the pandemic. The possibility of the last-generation Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster hitting the market in 2023 seems plausible in terms of the logistics of the gift of easy upgrades. It seems much less likely that Tesla will produce an entirely new category of products, human robots or robots, next year. Tesla has the resources and technology to do great things, and some early prototypes of the Tesla Bot will be on display next year. Finally, Musk is also launching reusable fog into space and providing internet via generalized satellite, two things that didn’t exist before Musk mattered.

The design decisions for the Optimus are similar to Tesla’s approach to a fully automated system, which relies on artificial intelligence based on vision, rather than lidar or radar. So just as streets are built for people with visual systems, factories, shops and other buildings are built for people, and doors and stairs are built according to the size and shape of the people. If the Tesla Bot was designed for humans, it would be a humanitarian robot that looks like a long-term achievable approach. On the other hand, industrial robots are highly specialized, often built locally and isolated by human workers. If Tesla’s artificial intelligence (AGI) program is advanced or sufficient, this barrier between humans and robotic workers may not be necessary, signifying significant progress.

The plan for the Tesla Bot will be about the same size and weight as a human, so that it can operate in the same environment. To avoid potential hazards or hazards’exterminator thingsAs Musk says, expect Optimus Prime to be slower and fresher than humans, potentially dominating the robot if necessary, or escaping it. The ultimate goal, in agreement with Musk, is to turn the world into a larger-than-Tesla cars, ushering in an era of prosperity in which degrading and dangerous work would be done by machines, leaving more rewarding work. Tesla robot The grandiose events seem strange, although prototypes are on the rise in 2023, could take risks so that technology has a significant impact on the way people work and live.

source: Tesla/YouTube

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