That’s why Apple delivered the Touch Bar to the MacBook Pro 2021

maçãThe 2021 MacBook Pro, with a lot of innovation, still has a great resource from previous generations – the Touch Bar. With the redesign of the MacBook Pro in 2016, Apple introduced some controversial design changes. He flipped the laptop, removed several ported ports in favor of USB-C, and added an exclusive Touch Bar to the top of the keyboard.

On most laptops, the top part of the keyboard has a set of multi-device function keys. This configuration has worked very well over the years, but Apple has envisioned a more modern approach to the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar is a small OLED display that spans the full width of the keyboard and dimensions, depending on the application used. In Safari, Touch Bar shows a bar with URLs, site links, and other useful information. Apps like Apple Mail give you quick access to compose, edit, and archive buttons. Users can still use the virtual function keys as needed, but the idea behind the Touch Bar is that it can be more flexible and interactive than laptops without it.

That makes the MacBook Pro 2021 special. In most respects, it’s a significant update over the previous MacBook Pro. It has a more modern design, better rendering, more doors and a faster shutter speed. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that the Touch Bar is an MIA. It has been on all MacBook Pros since 2016, the MacBook Pro 2021 does not have a Touch Bar. Once there, it has a file of physical function keys just like any other laptop.

While it didn’t take much time to think about the move, Apple approached the Touch Bar removals when it launched the 2021 MacBook Pro. At the beginning of the speech, Mason said: “Users appreciate the total height rule on the automatic Magic Keyboard. Let’s find out for the MacBook Pro.” Apple makes it clear that these keys will replace the Touch Bar and says they can be turned on “The familiar feel of the technical keys that pro users love.” It’s certainly a move that most users will be very happy with, but Apple’s approach to everything is very interesting.

When Apple first launched the Touch Bar in 2016, it was hailed as the next big innovation for the Mac. It took you quite a bit of time, appeared heavily in marketing materials and was one of the top attractions for laptops at the time. Embora Touch Bar has been featured on all MacBook Pros since then, and Apple seems to have lost interest in it. Apple called Touch Bar bad when it launched the M1 MacBook Pro in 2020. Best of all, it has been a frequent source of complaints from MacBook Pro users since its launch. While not as distracting as the keyboard, the Touch Bar is often ridiculed for solving problems that cannot be fixed.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is now the only MacBook with Touch Bar. If you buy a 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro or 13-inch MacBook Air, the Touch Bar new Involving. This means that Touch Bar technically no longer exists in Apple’s Mac portfolio, albeit to a very limited extent.

As we approach 2022, it’s not clear what the future holds for Touch Bar. The new MacBook Air should launch this year with a redesigned chassis with stiffer molds and fresher cores. What is of course unexpected is the Touch Bar. There are rumors that Apple will also release an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2022. Some believe the new 13-inch will eliminate Touch Bar as the 14- and 16-inch variants, but others confirm it will have exactly the same. design like the current 13-inch MacBook Pro (including Touch Bar). just with the new M2 chip.

At this point, it’s hard to say what Apple will do. On the other hand, keep the old MacBook Pro design at 13 inches and put in an empty M2 chip so that the laptop is significantly different from the models, but with 14 and 16 inches. It gives buyers more options and allows Apple to keep the MacBook Pros 14 and 16 inches longer than their original models. On the other hand, it is strange that a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was launched a few months ago, so that many people attach great importance to common function keys. maçã The Touch Bar is undoubtedly amused, but can’t be completely extinct anymore.

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