The CEO of this Tesla rival just took over Twitter

A Fisker Inc. is a electric vehicle The company and its CEO appear to have received the Twitter logo after Tesla’s Elon Musk signed an agreement to buy the microblogging platform. Ever since Musk made his first offer to buy Twitter, there has been a lot of discussion about how to be a platform based on the popular figure of technology. The idea was floated that several individuals suggested that we could leave Twitter if Musk took power.

All the speculation some had previously made became much more real on the second day, when Twitter confirmed that Musk was in the process of acquiring the company. The ad confirmed not only that an agreement had been reached, but also that Musk fully accepted and at the price first proposed during Musk’s initial offer. Since then, Musk has taken the opportunity to reiterate some of the changes users can expect, including a new take on what free speech means on Twitter.

Fisker’s CEO appears to be one of the first high-profile individuals to decide a Musk-owned Twitter isn’t for them, with Henrik Fisker contact I removed the logo after the news announcement. I agree with Bloomberg, Fisker decided to switch to Instagram and advised existing Twitter followers in a final Tweet to follow his Instagram account for future updates. Currently, the official Fisker Inc. Twitter account is still active and remains aware that it will also be excluded in the future.

Embora Fisker had no specific motive for leaving Twitter before closing his account, the CEO has already clarified his feelings. In comments for ForbesFisker raised the issue that only freedom of expression”actively managed or controlled by a competitor† To better explain the change, Fisker says: “I don’t want a competitor controlling how my followers experiment with Fisker as we grow our business† Given Musk’s insistence that any post-purchase motives increase free speech on the platform, a rival CEO’s proactive account closure is preoccupied with free speech. Nor can it be an isolated incident, as: Forbes explains that other accounts related to Musk have expressed similar concerns about whether or not to move — or delete.

Embora and Fisker Inc. may not be as well known as Tesla, the company already advancing with its line of electric vehicles. In February, the company began taking orders for Pear, its most recent all-electric car, and starting at just $29,900, Fisker could be in the business of delivering an EV much cheaper than what Tesla currently offers. Not to be outdone, Tesla has a chance to increase the price of its products VE general list.

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