The easy way to print one Gmail message

  1. Isolate the message in a conversation before printing it.
  2. Print a single message in Gmail
  3. Including original post

Isolate the message in a conversation before printing it.

Printing a single message in Gmail can be frustrating when using Conversation mode. The Print All button works exactly as written and prints every email in the thread. This whole conversation can be lengthy if there’s a lot of rewind, as Gmail can store up to 100 linked emails in conversation view threads.

However, there is an easy way to open only message in a chain of others so you can print that one message.

Print a single message in Gmail

If you’re not using the conversation view, each email will appear chronologically in your inbox. Just click on it and choose seal in the menu icon to the right of the letter. If you’re using Conversation View, you’ll need to isolate email first.

  1. Open Gmail in a browser on your computer.

  2. Open the message. If he failed in the conversation, click on him to expand.

  3. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the “Reply” arrow at the top of the message you want to print.

  4. Select seal in the drop-down menu.

Including original post

Keep in mind that Gmail hides quoted text when you print a message. To see the original text next to the answer, either print the entire thread or print the message the quotes come from next to the answer.

You can print an entire Gmail conversation by clicking the conversation in your inbox and selecting the little printer icon in the top right corner of the conversation without opening any of the messages. Each message is automatically opened for printing purposes.

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