The fabric of Garmin’s new fitness tracker will be over 50%

Garmin Many new smartwatches have already been launched in 2022 and a new fitness tracker is now being worked on. Garmin sells its fitness products on the Vivosmart line, but unlike other wearables, they don’t update the line at that frequency. The Vivosmart 4 is the latest model in the series, launched in September 2018.

Not everyone in the world wants to use a smartwatch to guide their physical health and activity. You can have many reasons for this, such as that you find them very large or heavy, or that they can be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. For these consumers, fitness routers are generally better because they are usually small and heavy enough to be used, even for long periods of time.

Gamin’s new fitness tracker will be launched as the Vivosmart 5, and the first devices now suggest it will come with some significant design changes. forever future, the fitness racer is slightly larger and a 66% increase over its predecessor. The image shows that the fabric is actually longer, or that it needs to be translated into a simpler visualization of the text on the fabric. It is also possible that the handle of the Vivosmart 5 has been replaced, because unlike the 2018 model, there are no longer visible falls.

Garmin uses silicone for the textured wristband, but the metal finish around the fabric is missing, along with the metal handle. At launch it will be available in white, white and mint green. According to the information, a second preta variant with a larger bracelet will also be available. However, the appearance has changed, or even the specifications and resources can not be given.

The Vivosmart 5 will be equipped with an Ox Pulse sensor for monitoring oxygen in the blood and a sensor for mediating heart rate. The wearable also displays the sound and adds a sound marker to determine the quality of the sound. There is also a pedometer, stress monitoring, hydration monitoring and body battery energy monitoring. The fitness tracker also has an integrated exercise app to record activities such as running, diving, cycling and cardio. Embora does not have an integrated GPS module, it can use one of the two connected smartphones.

The Vivosmart 4 can also display text messages and support app notifications. The report says that the battery life will remain the same for 7 days, which is not the same as the OLED fabric is now the best. I still have no word on pricing or availability at this point, it can be improved Garmin’s The Vivosmart 5 is priced below the launch price of its predecessor of US$129.

source: forever future

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