The final render of the Pixel Watch highlights its integration with Fitbit

google The Pixel Watch is rumored to arrive in 2022, but ahead of its official launch, a new launch will offer a vision of the highly anticipated wearable. Currently under development under the Rohan brand, the smartwatch will be equipped with a custom chip, following the steps of the dual Pixel 6 that we equipped with the Tensor SoC. And just like the smartphone chip, Google’s smartwatch SoC is built with help from Samsung.

Google’s first foray into the smartwatch segment has been in development for some time. This means that the device runs the most recent version of Wear OS with an improved Google Assistant at the top. The virtual assistant will use processing on the Pixel Watch device, meaning it will respond faster to user queries and provide a deeper level of integration with installed applications to get things done.

Even now, these marketing solutions will provide a glimpse of what the Pixel Watch could be. Now, industry informant Evan Blass (via 91movies) has shared an image showing the Pixel Watch’s case in all its curved glory. Unsurprisingly, the exhibitor has a round profile, but what really draws attention is the canvas which is drastically tilted along the perimeter. Artwork that has been unfolded in the past precedes a curved weave, but the tendency seems much more pronounced in the final rendering. A key difference here is that the older renders show a push button on the side, while the newer image shows what appears to be a metal crown with frames. The elements on the fabric, such as the iconography, are coated with the user interface design illustrated in the front panels. On the software side, Blass rather tuitou that the Google Wear smartwatch will launch OS 3.1 out of the box.

The Pixel Watch is available in three colors: black, white and hard. However, the vazadic views also imagined the surroundings in a dark blue sky and bright orange. Whether Google will offer the smartwatch in different settings remains a mystery, but mobile connectivity will be part of the package. Apple, on the other hand, is making strides with support for satellite connections on the Apple Watch Series 8, which will be released in early September, with a new rugged model that has been rebooted. The Pixel Watch is said to have an acacia box that will be painted clean to provide a contrasting finish in two tons.

When it comes to fitness and health resources, you can expect deep integration with Fitbit services, something that can be clearly seen from the Fitbit icon on the screen. Google lost more than US$2 billion to acquire the Fitbit, and there is speculation that the Fitbit’s various tricks of sound streaming and activity monitoring will be highlighted on the Pixel Watch. However, it is not clear whether the Google wearable will offer advanced resources such as electrocardiogram mediation, blood oxygen regulation, also known as SpO2 level mediation, and arterial pressure analysis, all available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch portfolio. As much as a start window, google can raise the heels of your ambitious wearable at the next I/O conference in May.

Origin: Evan Blass/Twitter91móveis

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