The Galaxy Z Fold 4 could get an interesting fabric update

and Samsung Galaxy Z Dobra 4 could get an interesting fabric update, making this flexible fabric smartphone different from previous models. The change described should be seen with the physical dimensions of the fabric and not with the type of display used. Samsung is known for its innovative and impressive fabrics and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will undoubtedly showcase updates to the already obscure fabric technology used in the previous generation.

The Galaxy Fold, Z Fold 2 and Z Fold 3 were launched in the second half of this year and the new model is likely to arrive in August or September 2022. As the fourth generation of Samsung’s most expensive smartphone and double-header, it should be a powerful and versatile be a device capable of turning a handset into a small tablet. Embora is not new, it is still a new concept with very few competing products available.

The latest Galaxy Z Fold 4 rumor comes from a prolific and reliable source, ice universe† in a recent Tweet, was dubbed an up-to-date ratio, going nearly a quarter into the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s downward spiral. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a ratio of 5:4, or slightly higher than the long one when opened. a sequel Tweet demonstrated the shapes and relative shapes, placing a model of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 next to a Z Fold 3. The new model looks a bit longer and shorter. ice universe Please note that the accuracy of the above information is not guaranteed.

Comments about of the ice universe Rumors suggest that Samsung could have some anomaly in the shape of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that runs more than a quarter. A common complaint can be seen when using media and games. Because most movies and many games are formatted for a widescreen experience, a square format may cut the sides or require a letterbox with flat bars at the top and bottom.

The advantage of turning closer to a square is that it offers more fabric surface compared to a rectangular shape. Therefore, a 6.8-inch Galaxy S22 smartphone screen can appear open for browsing the web, while a 7-inch Galaxy tablet looks roomy. Diagonal tissue sizes are deceiving relative to the display area. When it works, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be almost 2:1 or 18:9, to conform to the same terms commonly used for smartphones. This is close to the 18.5:9 ratio of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, meaning the Galaxy Z Dobra 4 can be a bit easier to use when good and better for productivity when open.

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