The glue gun has stopped working, the button is leaking or the glue is not coming out? Below we will analyze the most common causes of a malfunction and how to fix the device yourself.


  • a Principle of operation
  • 2 Causes of failure and methods of elimination
    • 2.1 Damage to the heating element
    • 2.2 The trigger gets stuck
    • 2.3 The glue does not come out
    • 2.4 Product defect

Principle of operation

The glue gun works by heating a special polyurethane adhesive at high temperature (average temperature 90-100ºС).

The working parts of the device are:

  • metal rods that heat up and transfer heat to the glue;
  • working chamber in which the heating takes place;
  • liquid supply mechanism, consisting of a control lever (trigger), a clutch preventing the ingress of liquid outside the system, a spring;
  • nozzle – forms the shape of the finished composition.

The process of working with a gun, as a rule, does not take five minutes. In this short time, a large number of elements are involved in the operation, but if at least one of them fails, the whole system becomes unusable.

Causes of failure and methods of elimination

Consider the main breakdowns of glue gun parts.

Damage to the heating element

Replace the heating part in the following order:

  • prepare in advance a small piece of wire (preferably nichrome) and a piece of fiberglass;
  • carefully disassemble the device;
  • the nozzle is cleared of accumulated influx;
  • in place of the damaged heating element, a prepared wire is put in place and the structure is insulated with fiberglass;
  • the transmitted power should not exceed 30W, you will need to connect to a step-down transformer;
  • when the circuit is assembled, the gun will begin to work normally.

The trigger gets stuck

If the trigger has started to stick, most likely the rod is too tight. Maybe this will save the gun scan and moving the rod a bit to the side (a few millimeters).

When retraction did not bring the desired result, the following manipulations are necessary:

  • carefully remove traces of glue from the surface;
  • equalize the gap between the rod and the heating element;
  • assemble the structure to its original position.

The glue does not come out

The lack of movement is due to clogging. You can clean the device by disassembling it, if necessary, blow out the sinuses and parts with air.

If jamming problems are not observed, and visually all the elements are in good condition, the fault should be sought in the power source: check the integrity of the wires, fix them in their place.

Product defect

There are frequent cases where the cause of a failure can be a poor quality assembly or defects made during manufacture:

  • non-adjustable gaps between the parts prevent the glue from being pressed evenly;
  • the inability to fully squeeze the lever, probably, there is not enough force when you pull the trigger to start the mechanism. A toothpick inserted in the gap can help solve problems, but in this case you should not continue working for a long time.

If the glue gun was purchased not so long ago, then to eliminate the marriage, it is better to contact the service center and insist on repair or complete replacement of the purchased product.

Accurate work with the device, timely cleaning and observance of safety precautions will prolong the operation of the device, use will become convenient and simple.

If you are having trouble, you can try using the tips above or seek professional help.