The Google Pixel Watch could be launched in the park with Samsung

A new tweet from a widely trusted informant revealed some new posts about o Pixel watch, including that you can have many of the same Galaxy Watch 4 sensors. Google’s new smartwatch is expected to finally hit the shelves this year, with several reports over the past few weeks detailing many of its resources and features. The Thie Pixel Watch ran into all its glory at the end of the week when an observant observer found the device abandoned in a restaurant. They immediately shared photos with Android Central

Google recently asked for a registered brand called ‘Pixel Watch’, apparently confirming the long-standing rumors of a ‘Made-by-Google’ smartwatch. The company also operates under the name Pixel Watch Fit. However, it is not entirely clear whether it is the official name of the next Pixel Watch or a completely different device. Regardless, rumors and speculation about the device are lingering ahead of the expected launch of Google I/O in the coming months. The last visit has now apparently provided some additional information.

Dica Yogesh Brar confirmed that Google could have a package with Samsung for the Pixel Watch. According to Brar, the next smartwatch will have many of the same sensors as the Galaxy Watch 4, including an ECG sensor. The Pixel Watch also comes with a new version of Wear OS 3.1 and is offered in two sets with four different wristband cores. Brar also confirmed that the device will have a limited launch and will run between US$300 and US$400. “relatively new source” for reference, please add the above information with a salt shaker, at least confirmed by another source.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time someone has claimed that the Pixel Watch could cost US$400. A few days ago, an informant told ShrimpApplePro also suggested this, claiming that the Google smartwatch, in turn, could be priced at that price. However, this information was related to Pixel Watch Fit, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Google’s first smartwatch is believed to be codenamed “Rohan” and will initially have to launch on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro before it can launch for unspecified reasons. The device is expected to be powered by a custom processor designed by Google and manufactured by Samsung. O Pixel watch it also has Fitbit integration and exclusive health resources not available on other Wear OS devices.

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