The iPod nano dolls show how different the MP3 player could be

Apple has made several design changes for the now-extinct iPod nano over the course of two years, and a new image reappears several models that never went into production. The iPod nano should be the smaller iPod with fabric. Apple has made several design changes to the line that has now died out over the course of two years, with the first-generation device looking very different from previous models.

Apple introduced the first iPod nano in 2005 as a lighter and portable version of the already small iPod mini. The compact design undergoes several major overhauls over the life of seven generations of the line, from the small third-generation frame to the touch-sensitive fabric interface to the sixth-generation touch, to name a few. But it seems that Apple has several other design ideas in the manga.

Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod, unveiled several unpublished iPod nano labels in one tuitar† Fadell explained that the team “discover all possibilities”During the development of the final project. This includes turning your fabric longer, increasing your frame size, and even considering an inner fabric design that completely eliminates tangles. The iPod’s designer pointed out that the models in the photos barely “3D printed dolls”, suggesting that the concepts of the iPod nano never have functional prototypes. However, the devised designs are described as something that “found the real project

Sure, there have been some unique variants of the iPod over the past two years, but how fast or far have the iPod nano popped up compared to the relaunched products? After a closer inspection, it appears that certain aspects, such as internal specifications, are very far away. For example, the imaginary images would refer to devices with storage parameters ranging from 10 GB to 20 GB, or would significantly increase the storage. Apple even offers 16 GB as a higher storage variant of the iPod nano.

While Apple has implemented some fictitious designs for the iPod nano, other long-term ideas never materialized. None of the iPod nano launches feature the odd design of the first conceptual product, which has a small fabric combined with a physical wheel button logo underneath, making the lower level of the vase a sort of hand opening.

The last model in the image has a longer fabric with a small click wheel, which Apple can replace with a button, as seen on the iPod nano in the first generation. By the way, Talvez’s more radical design is the iPod nano made of cloth and without buttons, showing that Apple considered it a form factor for at least a decade before implementing it on the iPhone X in 2018. served as building blocks for the iPod nano family, much like the iPod eventually launched bases for the iPhone.

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