The M2 Mac mini may launch much more than we expected

a new M2 Mac Mini Possibly much sooner than expected, possibly at the next Apple event. Rumors and previous devices suggest a 2023 launch, and it’s not clear whether the original chronology of Apple’s products has changed or whether the smaller desktop was always planned for a 2022 launch, as each new rumor seems to contradict the previous one.

Apple first launched the Mac mini in 2005 and two smaller desktop computers have already been made. I didn’t hesitate so much that smaller Windows PC desktops appeared. Now it’s possible to take this to the extreme with a PC stick, but the Mac mini’s purpose isn’t necessarily as small as it gets. Again, it’s a smaller, more powerful, and cheaper Mac, doesn’t take up space on the workspace, and is a simpler, more powerful computer.

With the introduction of the M1 Mac mini, Apple’s cheapest Mac gets a major upgrade update, making it faster than most Intel Mac desktops. That’s 2020 and it looks like we may have another update in a year, let’s say more.Recent retweet author Mark Gurman adds weight to the details developers found in the Studio Display firmware Steve Horton SmithThis code contains references to several Mac models, including the model code “Macmini10.1”. Apple uses this internal name, with the Mac mini 2020 code being “Macmini9.1”, a digital string that Apple rarely changes. Houghton-Smith also speculates that the chip powering this new Mac mini will be the new M2 processor, rather than the M1 Pro previously launched by Apple.

Gurman said he understands that the M2 MacBook Air could appear at the Apple Developers’ World Conference alongside another Mac at WWDC, but he doesn’t know what the other Mac will be. It would make sense to launch a new Mac mini with the same M2 processor at the same time. The only question is whether the Studio Display firmware indicates this launch is imminent. Interestingly, there are no other new models listed in the firmware that can verify the compatibility of the connected Mac.

On the other hand, Apple has plenty of time to update the Studio Display firmware with new Mac models for WWDC, in the meantime, however, this may not be relevant. Other Macs that can get the M2 update are the 24-inch iMac and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The M2 chip will significantly improve graphics performance and a good CPU update without sacrificing Apple’s M1 Pro. M2 Mac Minithese are basic-level Macs that will almost certainly get an update in about a year.

source: Steve Horton Smith/Twitter

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