The most recent bug in Google Pixel 6 is tracked without the user’s knowledge

google The Pixel 6 has another bug, this time trying to handle calls. The most recent Pixel phones were launched in October 2021 and have caused a lot of problems ever since. The Pixel 6 smartphone has fallen below expectations with ultimate vibration, but there are some ways to correct it. Phones also have Wi-Fi issues and disconnect when people use the camera.

Not answering the phone is more than just a chat problem. Problems can arise if the user loses an important call. For example, a relative may be married, or a concubine may be required to ask about a child’s retirement from school. No one wants to lose one of these names. This is a big business as the main purpose of the phone is to get in touch with the user’s contacts. Especially because more and more people just have a mobile phone and lose their landline.

Reddit user Você/Feliz Gina The latest bug with Pixel 6 has been discovered and many other users suggest they have been experimenting with the same. Users say this happened to the Pixel 6 Pro and the name was registered without their knowledge. Her friends tried to join them, but they were not notified of lost calls. The call appeared in the username registry, but was rejected. Users also point out that this only happens to saved contacts, not unknown numbers. The calls also do not go through the phone screen. They are just automatically rejected. Another user says that their names are not registered, but directly on the voicemail, several times by doctors. I agree with the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google has not commented on recent issues with its Pixel 6 phones. Users expect the Android 13 update to bring a fix, which should be launched later this year. This bug can be corrected as long as people wait for the update. A non-typical user says you can be assigned to the “Do not disturb” setting. I say when I can”Some rules for immediate planning“They do not receive all contact names per star. To update this configuration, users can simply access Configurations > Notifications > Do Not Configure > Schedule.

Unfortunately, you/merryjaina say that this does not solve the problem. So at the same time, users should check their password registries to make sure they don’t lose any important calls. It’s not clear what caused the bug, but one user thought it was Google’s artificial intelligence, arguing that the phone is more for taking pictures than making calls. google Leave a comment or offer a correction.

source: Reddit

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