The Sony WH-1000XM5 could get a great battery upgrade

Sony should relaunch their WH-1000XM5 earphones this year and another smart move seems to reveal some of the basic sources, specs and design. The 1000XM5 will succeed the popular WH-1000XM4, widely regarded as one of the two best ANC earphones on the market. The earphones got a lot of compliments for your active battery cancellation, sound quality and battery life, but the next-generation model promises to improve on some of these aspects.

Previous articles have revealed some key details about Sony’s upcoming WH-1000XM5 smartphones. The device was listed on the official FCC website earlier this year under the code ‘Y2954’. The options in the list seem to suggest a more elegant size than the existing model, while some rumors also suggest that the headband could be metal instead of plastic. Also, a list of imports from India suggests they will be available in the options used in silver and white.

German technology blog TechniqueNews assume that one of the best in the WH-1000XM5 earphones is the battery life. Citing an unidentified storage source, the report says the device can reproduce around 40 hours of audio on a single charge with ANC enabled, possibly making it the best-in-class in terms of battery life. The report estimates that the 1000XM5 will take approximately three hours to fully charge. This is about half an hour but the predecessor, but this is expected, has a larger battery.

The reporter still says the 1000XM5 will come with a new driver, although no information has been added at this time. As for the rest of the hardware, the report states that the wireless cancellation will be done by two processors, while up to three microphones will be available for audio input. In terms of connectivity, the 1000XM5 will feature a 3.5mm housing and support for Bluetooth 5.2. It will also have a USB Type-C port for charging.

TechniqueNews also published a series of reviews showing the next device in all its glory. The renderings, which should be official, seem to confirm the options of simple and clear. They also show a more elegant profile than that of the WH-1000XM4 and show more depreciation in our earphones than the current model. The renderings also show that the league/tie button is now a deactivation control. According to the report, Sony apparently also renamed the ‘Custom’ button for ‘NC/Ambient’, while still positioned in the same location.

Source: TechnikNews

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