The Travel Boast app is on Android? Here’s everything we know

proud of traveling March 2022 explodes as one of the two most popular iPhone apps — leaving many wondering if Travel Boast is on Android as well. Embora is only a few months ago this year, 2022 is proving to be a great year for smartphone apps. With Locket Widget, NoteIt, Prequel, Spam App and many more, these little applications help keep our phones updated and updated.

One of the best new apps to join the fray is Travel Boast. As the name suggests, the app offers users a fun way to report their travels on social networks. You download Travel Boast, enter your starting point, destination and route. Travel Boast uses this information and creates a small animated drawing video of your trip (in addition to the animation of the travel map of Indiana Jones† It’s a fun, fun and unique way to share your travels with the world.

Unfortunately, Travel Exhibition only for some devices. At launch, you can only get the Travel Boost app on Apple hardware, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs with the M1 chip, in other words, the Travel Boost app is new Available for Android. There are tons of apps in the Google Play Store separate from Travel Boast, but none of them are real.

But there is good news! While there is currently no Travel Boast app for Android, developers after the app are currently working on a version for Android.desenvolvedor The news was confirmed on Instagram In June 2021 it reads: “We are already working on the version for Android! I do not believe it! Let’s try to be ready before nightfall.’ After losing nightmare, Travel Boast will launch Android app on March 12, 2022 “It will be available at the end of the spring.” But recently, a message on March 26 confirmed that the Travel Boast Android app is due to be launched “The beginning of May.”

While it is annoying for Android users to wait, the fate of an Android application in development is good news. Some of these smaller apps generally leave the Android version and focus on their iPhone counterparts. This is a case of Spam App, Happy Scale, etc. gabar-se de travel The Android app may be lagging behind the iOS app, but we’re already in service with the intention of making it happen.

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