The YouTube app for iOS provides all users with short picture-in-picture

After a test with Premium inserts in the past year, Youtube Image to image support will be launched “some days” for all iOS users. Picture-in-Picture has become one of the most widely used iOS resources since it was added to iPhone with iOS 14. Listening to a Twitch post or movie and want to do something else on your phone? Just click to go home, open another application you will definitely use and your video will play in a floating window on the fabric.

Embedding a picture-in-picture is optional, only if the developers of the application actually provide support. Almost two years after its launch, PiP can be found in many iOS applications. Picture-in-Picture is compatible with all official Apple applications, including Safari, FaceTime and Apple TV. There are also many third-party applications that work well with image to image. Most of the major video apps from Netflix, Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, Twitch, and others work picture-in-picture just as you’d expect.

One app that is not in the list is YouTube. YouTube began testing picture-in-picture with its iOS app in June 2021, but only for those with a YouTube Premium signature. Now it looks like YouTube is almost here We present Picture-in-Picture for all iOS users, independent of YouTube Premium.

April 10, Twitter user @LordRathore Send the following tweet to your YouTube account on Twitter: “I’m using the image in an experimental Youtube image, but I get a message that it is no longer experimental. Let’s just say it’s the pattern now.” But an hour later, the YouTube team replied: “Do you use an iOS smartphone? Confirming, the picture-in-picture is still launching and will one day be available on all iOS 15+ devices. †

YouTube has suggested launching a picture-in-picture for all iOS users at some point, but the availability of the source is uncertain. YouTube will close its premium beta on October 31, 2021, but since then the testing period has been extended to April 8, 2022. Bring a new deadline date and YouTube now confirms that the picture-in-picture will be available some days, it seems like everything is finally over .

When picture-in-picture finally becomes available to all iOS users, it will have to work with YouTube like any other application. You can play the video, return to the original screen and have the video play in a small window. You can then move, resize or even hide the video player from the fabric so you can still hear the audio without watching the video. It’s annoying to be picked up Youtube I was very scared to get to that point, but sooner than never.

source: Youtube

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