There are rumors that the Apple Watch SE 2 will always show active and ECG recordings

O Apple Watch The SE 2 is rumored to be one of Apple’s many hardware launches this year and, if it really is a new box, the Watch SE 2 could come with some interesting updates regarding the current model. Today’s Apple Watch programming is in an interesting place. Not the absolute best is the Apple Watch Series 7. It has the most elegant design, the most recent specs, the best resources – and the highest starting price of US$399. At the bottom is the Apple Watch Series 3. The price of $199 is decent, but with big moldings, an old processor and limited memory it’s hard to recommend it these days.

Between Series 7 and Series 3 is the Apple Watch SE. Launched in September 2020, the Apple Watch SE is an ideal option for those who cannot afford the high price of the Series 7. It has the best specs of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple’s S5 chipset, streaming activities around the world, an optional heart rate monitor and cellular connectivity. It’s a $279 softpack, but it’s not perfect. The Apple Watch SE doesn’t have an always-active screen, an EKG sensor, bloodless oxygen resuscitation, or a lack of favor from the most recent Apple Watch chips.

Fortunately, it seems that Apple can solve most of these resources with the Apple Watch SE 2. Embracing the possibility of a new Apple Watch SE was revealed months ago, a new report from iDropNews provides the first major display of specs/resources for the smartwatch. In the first place, iDropNews suggest the Apple Watch SE 2 will appear “Just like the 2020 edition.” If you’re after the finer fabric and case that’s slightly larger than the Apple Watch Series 7, it looks like these hardware changes aren’t happening this year.

But not everything is new anymore. Embora says the design of the Apple Watch SE 2 will remain the same, leaving the current S5 processor on the more recent S7 chip (or even the Apple Watch Series 7). This should make the SE 2 to 20% faster than the current model. And that’s not more exciting. There are rumors that the S7 chip will also enable ECG streaming and an always active display on the Apple Watch SE 2 – two of the biggest sources of the current SE. The battery life is rumored to last at least 18 hours on a single charge and oxygen supply to the blood is unlikely to be available. Apart from that, the ability for faster detection, always-on functionality, and ECG support are quite useful.

Of course, all this extra functionality comes with a price. iDropNews let’s say the initial price of the Apple Watch SE 2 will rise to US$299. A US$20 increase from the current US$279 price point isn’t ideal, but if all the new sources are real, it seems like this a fair deal. We don’t expect that Apple Watch SE 2 through September or October, so expect a lot more power between now and then.

Source: iDropNews

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