These are the IMAP settings

  1. You’ll need them to set up on your email client
  2. IMAP Settings
  3. Still can’t connect to

You’ll need them to set up on your email client

When using a web-based e-mail service such as, you must open the website to be able to send and receive e-mail messages. However, you may prefer to access your email from this account using your own email client, such as Outlook. You can do this after creating an account on the customer. The installation process requires you to enter server settings, including IMAP or POP for receiving and SMTP for sending. You can use the IMAP server settings below to access e-mail messages and folders from any e-mail program or service.

Only premium subscribers can access their IMAP accounts. The free mail plan does not support IMAP or POP.

IMAP Settings

Open’s IMAP services with the following settings:

  • IMAP server address:

  • IMAP User: Your Full email address (eg [email protected])

  • IMAP Password: Yours password

  • IMAP Port: 993

  • IMAP TLS/SSL Requires: Yes

Still can’t connect to

If you are unable to send emails through your email client, it is likely due to incorrect or missing SMTP server settings. The SMTP settings provide the email client with the information it needs to send an email on your behalf.

You can also try setting up your account using POP instead of IMAP. For this you need the POP server settings. POP provides an alternative way to download email from, but keep in mind that IMAP offers more flexibility to access all your emails from anywhere and to sync your email account across all the devices you use. used to access your email.

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