This Amazing Drone Video Shows Tesla’s New Berlin Gigafactory

Tesla A new killer drone video has been launched at its new Gigafactory in Berlin. Electric car manufacturers have focused on one thing this year: increasing production and meeting growing demand. The first quarter of 2022 was difficult for car brands that did not trade entirely in electricity. They fight against an increase in orders, inflation and problems in the supply chain. The question on everyone’s mind is, can they do this?

The automotive industry was the first to fully adopt automation and robotics. Today, all car brands use robots dedicated to car construction to simplify production. However, Tesla is known for using artificial intelligence to ultra-transcend the boundaries of automation and robotics. His goal has always been to operate the world’s most advanced car factory.

In a video, Tesla presents the cutting-edge high-tech operations of its new Gigafactory in Berlin. The video was posted on the same day. The video looks like Tesla is responding to those who have doubts about the company’s inability to fulfill our orders. The display of Tesla’s factory sends a clear signal that they have abandoned everything in the fields of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Tesla’s approach to car production is unique. Not only is your level of automation to pull the trigger, but the entire car is built in-house from scratch. Tesla says its new Gigafactory will improve its global production and be the most advanced, durable and efficient installation they can handle. The factory will not only produce hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles per year, but also thousands of batteries.

Tesla has been working on applying artificial intelligence to its supply chain and factories for years. As Clean Technica tells in 2018 term “Intelligent automation”“Explore Tesla’s robot factory. Tesla robots don’t just perform scheduled tasks. At the same time, they are associated with artificial intelligence that is constantly learning and discovering how to do it better and faster.

In Berlin, the first Tesla robots cut and formed pieces of steel and aluminum. The double shroud then sold the chassis to an endless production line in seconds. But downstairs, a robotic arm lifts car after car as if it didn’t weigh much. The robots can do everything from chassis to paint. A highly specialized work supervised or managed by robô is that: Tesla The cars will be mass-produced in Berlin rather than what appears to be the most advanced electric car factory yet built.

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