This impressive iPhone video editor for a good time is free

O iphone movie with excellent video quality, and Apple offers some good integrated editing options, but often there is a need for an app that adds a little more to make a role stand out as something special. The good news is that there is an application for this. In fact, there are many applications that offer advanced video editing and effects, making it difficult to go to school with a specific solution. Here’s one that has a unique ability to improve the weather and it’s free.

The iPhone comes with a number of different integrated options to control the time it takes to record video. The passage of time speeds things up that take a photo every few seconds and reproduce it as a video spinning at 30 frames per second. The slow camera shoots video at a faster-than-average rate and captures 120 or 240 frames per second, then reproduces at a variable rate that starts at a rapid pace and then drops off drastically for a quarter of an hour or an hour before shooting. goes to the max. A major drawback of these playback speed options is that the resolution is lowered to 1080p or lower. Also, the timer doesn’t offer any way of controlling speed after gravity, and the slow camera makes it easy to adjust which portion of the video is sped up in one spot.

VN Video Editor is a very good reel and story editor, with many models to quickly upload clips and photos. It has a lot of music and sound effects as well as some unique and catchy transitions. However, the most interesting feature of VN Video Editor is its curve-based speed control. It allows you to easily adjust the playback speed of a video clip by placing and dragging points along a curve. Real-time visualizations are optional, making it easier to get the perfect time. This allows a complete video to be recorded as long as it speeds up through parts of a video before shrinking the margin for a better soft slow camera effect without increasing the action. There is no limit to the number of speed adjustments that can be made and, as a curve editor, the video streams organically at high to low speed in any order. It is supported by ads but it is discreet and the videos are saved without watermark with total quality.

VN Video Editor is a fairly complete application, including a variety of options for video, audio, titles, and a keyboard editor that allows accurate animation. Users can use keywords in videos, photos, attachments and titles, with 10 predefined ones for quick effects, or create a custom animation that defines each keyword, and the application will move any images or titles.

Cuts, cuts, image by image and much more are well defined, responsive and easy to use. It also produces high quality video at resolutions up to 4K at 60 frames per second and a variety of fabric formats are supported. It makes it easy to create videos with optimal look and feel for social media and other uses. The VN Video Editor application is available for: iphoneiPad and Mac as a free download from Apple’s App Store.

Source: Apple App Store

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