This is how fast and how much Starlink can keep with airlines

Using the internet during a long-haul flight is not new, Starlink and SpaceX uses the latest technology to provide a better experience with faster speed and fewer connection issues. The onboard internet can be ugly, so you may worry that it could be reserved for first-class passers-by. However, the first major airline to announce it will be using Starlink has some good news about the cost.

Obviously, the internet originated on Earth, so a terrestrial connection is required to send internet requests via satellite to the end user’s Starlink account. But just as some Starlink satellites can communicate with each other, an internet-connected satellite can share the connection with satellites not within range of a terrestrial station. However, a large satellite network must be able to enjoy consistently high speeds and solid connections all over the world.

Starlink launches its first major airline, Havaianas Airlines, in April 2022, allowing internet access in-flight between the continental US and Hawaii. Currently, Starlink offers download connection speeds of up to 100 megabits per second and 20 megabits per second, which is a speed that is very good, good or sufficient for streaming video and games to mobile. The internet broadcast by other satellites can be a bit slower. However, it will continue to improve to the extent that more Starlink satellites are installed, or will continue to do so for a while. Only a fraction of all fruit is currently in operation. While costs can vary from airline to airline, Hawaiian Airlines offers this service for free, setting the pattern for others to follow. That means internet on Starlink is currently fast and free.

While Starlink started with terrestrial satellite antennas on stations in homes and businesses, SpaceX designed Starlink to be usable while on the move and even flying at high altitudes. Starlink could one day be added to cars and trains. However, its usefulness in long-haul flights is much more critical. Being in a small space of an airplane can be a huge relief to take advantage of internet access. Of course, business travelers or otherwise will reimburse serially lost hours worked during the flight.

A flight offering Starlink Internet connects to a satellite that transmits data to and from terrestrial Internet stations around the Earth, such as using Starlink at home. Once a flight is over the ocean or in remote areas without access to a satellite with a long-range terrestrial internet connection, the aircraft can still receive internet via Starlink’s expanding network of satellites with laser communication capabilities. I measure that more and more airlines are assinam Starlink and SpaceX internet, taking a long flight will be a more pleasant experience, while staying in touch with what you meet with friends, family and colleagues during the trip.

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