This is what the Cambria da Meta project headphones look like

Yuan By giving the world a glimpse of your next AR/VR headset at your Facebook Connect event in 2021, a new announcement confirms that the final design of the device is in all its glory. The headset, codenamed Project Cambria, which is currently in development, will be Meta’s most ambitious virtual world product today, both in terms of hardware innovation and resources.

Earphones should arrive in the second semester of 2022. They are said to be located in “Extremely high price rangeAccording to the future CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, the phone has been in development for years. Sources trusted by the company such as TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo will serve as a guide, this listening phone will be the Oculus 2 new member of the series.

Now, YouTuber of technology Brad Lynch We are sharing some results from the Project Cambria headset that will be based on the final model of the Production Verification Test (PVT). The launch of PVT is considered the final stage of hardware development to be launched soon, pending a final round of quality verifications. The renderings show a headset that more or less resembles the same device that launched Facebook in 2021. The design is a radical change from Oculus’ existing line of VR earphones, which offer more than the HTC Vive Flow and the PlayStation VR. Analyst de Guoz alegar The earphones are listed as the Oculus Quest 2 Pro, adding that they also support facial recognition technology.

Design-wise, it’s all clean with a curved headband that resembles foam suspension on the sides. Oddly enough, there is no headband here. The lower part of each eye opens a camera, presumably a wide-angle lens, adorned with details such as the manufacture of the sensor, the field of view and the megapixel contamination that leaves a mystery. At the Connect event in 2021, Meta revealed that Project Cambria will showcase a “panqueka” optical display technology that will allow the team to obtain a more advanced format for their next AR/VR headset. Unlike Meta, there are rumors that Apple is using a Fresnel lens system on its nearest real listening phone, with heavy personalization.

Meta installs an artifact-free walk-in fabric on your AR/VR headset, combining fabric-in-tape hardware with advanced optical sensors and reconstruction algorithms. The goal is not only to provide high visual fidelity, but also to maintain depth and directional perspective. The eye-tracking hardware is also part of the kit, and Meta Visa provides the most accurate virtual representation of tons of paint and gestures for your next listening phone. There are also rumors of internal body radiation, but those seem a bit ambitious at the moment. As part of Project Cambria, Facebook is also working on a pair of AR wearables featuring the Project Nazare and Project Hypernova codecs, both slated for 2024.

source: Brad Lynch/TwitterMing-Chi Kuo/Twitter

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