This is what the Google Pay card interface looks like

A series of cloth catches appeared Google PayThe company’s new “Wallet” resource that users will use to store digital maps. The development will take place several months after the company was confirmed in an interview. Bloomberg She wants to add a range of new resources to your payment application to make it a more flexible digital card, including possible support for cryptographic payments. Google previously hired PayPal ex-executive Arnold Goldberg to develop the new resource.

According to the report, some of the new and future Google Pay resources will include support for air travel, passport cards, loyalty cards and more, as part of the company’s strategy to bring me more financial services. Embora has not made any new developments in this regard so far, but recent dust recordings suggest that Google Pay is on track to add these new resources in the near future.

The latest dust shots from the Google Pay app suggest that Google plans to revive the “cardboard” brand that’s been around for years. The card source resides in the Google Pay application and stores all digital cards, including transit, loyalty cards, current cards, and credit and debit cards. Twitter Posted today by Mishaal Rahman, Esper’s senior technical editor and ex-editor-in-chief of XDA.Rahman since add to Added several dust shots, with the new map icon. The map icon was originally created by 9to5Google Don’t start this month.

Currently, all digital cards are loaded with the Google Pay app, including new dust shots indicating that the company has now designated a separate space in the app to store those cards. Embora has some online speculation about whether Google wants to replace the “Google Pay” brand with “Google Wallet”, currently there are no conclusive suggestions. The company dropped plans to offer Plex bank accounts a year ago, and recent development will focus more on non-debit cards and possibly even cryptographic payments in the future.

Google Wallet has become the name of Google’s point-to-point payment service, which allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money from mobile phones and computers. In 2018, Google launched Android Pay and renamed it the Google Pay combination. The Google Wallet brand was also abandoned and the point-to-point payment system in Google Pay is now called Google Pay Send. If the latest developments happen, there is a good chance that Google will reinstate the map brand. Google Pay Complete rebranding of the application or the proposed application.

Source: Mishaal Rahman/Twitter (12), 9to5Google

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