This photo of Perseverance from Mars Mountain is so perfect you’d swear it’s not true

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Discovered in Bay’s Golden Rocks and Hills Mars It’s been a little over a year – this latest photo still stands out for more than its uniqueness and diversity. Looks like we did, Perseverance has arrived safely on planet Earth. But in reality, the rover explores the Marcos world in almost 14 months.

What a busy 14 months! After arriving on Mars in February 2021, Perseverance picked up a series of clouds and explored different parts of the planet, helping us learn more about Mars in general. It is also full of hundreds of thousands of photos. Perseverance loads new photos from her day on Mars all day long. This can be ground floor photos, pink shapes that resemble animals, recycled displays and much more.

While some photos are dull or uninteresting, others are quite annoying. This is the case with the image above. NASA received this photo on March 31, 2022. After gaining much popularity online, it was quickly named Week 59’s most recent “Image of the Week” by Perseverance. And, like many of his photos of Mars, it is shot with Perseverance’s excellent Mastcam-Z camera.

Mountains on Mars are not new to Perseverance. Many of his photographs capture hills of various shapes, sizes and colors. The interesting thing about this hill is how it looks perfect. It has a gradient slope, a small round top and appears to have a soft texture all over. For a planet regularly attacked by violent storms and solar storms, the formation of mounds with tens of thousands of holes on Mars is remarkable.

The rest of the image is equally impressive. In front of the perfect hill are irregular rustic ridges randomly placed on a marine surface. In the bottom are majestic hills and mountains, and the iconic yellow sky above. It’s a scene that most of us will probably never see with our bowed eyes, but perseverance allows us to see strange images of the Earth.

What can Perseverance do to increase its growing photo collection? The rover recently docked on a three-mile route to the banks of the Martian River. It is a day that Perseverance will take a few weeks, but once there it returns to its usual red blood cell state. MarsIf there is life there, scientists hope Perseverance is the rover to confirm it.

source: NASA

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