This SD card is specially designed for your MacBook Pro 2021

The 2021 launch MacBook I’ve seen Apple go through several doors that are missing from their laptops, including the SDXC card slot. Embedding the port with a slower template is still useful when users only want to transfer photos and videos from SD card. On the other hand, users can also use it to extend the computer’s armature.

The Macbook Pro comes in several configurations, with the base model featuring a 512GB SSD and the ability to configure it for up to 8TB of storage. Unfortunately, for the weapon option a user chooses at the time of purchase, he or she will be locked up. Apple sold RAM and tablet storage, making it impossible to update. However, all hope is not lost for those who need more equipment as they can easily do so using the SDXC card slot. All they have to do is insert a compatible SD card, although it isn’t as fast as the integrated SSD.

Transcend wants to take care of those who want to expand the storage of your MacBook Pro with their JetDrive Lite expansion cards. The latest card in the series is the Jet Drive Lite 330, and has been specifically designed for the MacBook Pro 2021. Tailored to fit any MacBook model, it is not only available on cores that combine with the MacBook Pro, but also has a leveling almost perfect when placed in the computer, leaving little noticeable. Likewise, Transcend claims that the JetDrive Lite expansion cards are made with advanced COB (chip-on-board) technology that is water, dust and shock resistant.

Transcend claims that the SD card has a read speed of up to 95 MB/s and a download speed of 75 MB/s. It also announces that users can use it for Time Machine backups, iTunes libraries, or simply to store documents, photos, and videos. RecoveRx software is also available, which can be used to recover accidentally deleted files, free download. The SD card is already designed for the MacBook Pro 2021, users can also use it with MacBook Pro (Retina) 13” launched between late 2012 and early 2015.

The JetDrive Lite 330 is available in 1TB, 512GB, 256GB and 128GB storage capacities. The 1 TB version costs US$249.99, which costs more than a MicroSD card of comparable capacity, but is still cheaper than the US$400 extra that Apple Cobra chooses if the buyer opts for 2TB SSD storage instead of a 1TB SSD. The SD card is now on sale from Amazon in the US

Source: Transcender

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