TikTok doesn’t like the comment button: how the new resource works

To fight spam and misinformation, Tik Tok Testing a comment button is now not allowed. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social apps, TikTok has a diverse group of users. Some people use the app to create videos and expand their career as an influencer, while others use TikTok to relax and watch mesmerizing videos. But there are also people who use TikTok in more selfish ways. By uploading naughty videos to clips that bombard other people with naughty comments, TikTok has its quarantine of bandits.

Like YouTube, this behavior is promoted in the TikTok comments section. If someone posts comments containing malicious or harmful information, TikTok has integrated reporting tools to analyze those comments and refer them to TikTok moderators. It is an ideal system for users to avoid the comments section with bullying, audio speech, etc. But these are not the only comments that make TikTok less interesting. TikTok also has a spam problem. Whether it’s a phishing attack or a user flooding video comments with the infamous TikTok brownie recipe, it’s not clear what to do with these comments.

But that’s something TikTok wants to change with a new comment button that I don’t like. TikTok confirms this in a blog post published on April 13, 2022 “Let’s try to find a way for individuals to recognize comments they perceive as irrelevant or inappropriate.” If someone has a comment that doesn’t make sense to the conversation, this is the place to use the new “dislike” button. Do not replace the denial of naughty/dangerous comments. On the other hand, if someone comments on spam that contains good and meaningful comments, TikTok can check this content with the “dislike” button.

TikTok also provides information about how the ‘dislike’ button works. Dislikes will not be posted publicly next to the comment and will not let the commenter know that he or she has developed a dislike. Again, it is a data collection tool for TikTok to maintain control over users who repeatedly dislike their comments. If someone is notorious for sending spam for video comment sections, the “dislike” button gives TikTok another way to find these users and interview them if necessary. As TikTok explains, “This feedback from the community will add to the set of factors we already use to keep the comments section relevant and a real place of engagement.”

It is also important to note that TikTok only tests the comments button unscathed and does not release it as a public resource for everyone. Only users in certain regions will see the dislike button and, at least for a while, the US won’t be one of the other regions. Tik Tok The decision to expand the response button is not clear, but when this may happen is not yet clear.

source: Tik Tok

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