Not sure where to buy modern vehicles? Take a look at Aliexpress: there are many great offers that can be purchased with just two clicks: a unicycle, an electric scooter or an electric bicycle.


When choosing a unicycle, we recommend that you choose the INMOTION V5F unicycle electric bike.

The main features of the unicycle:

  • battery voltage – 84 V;
  • on a single charge you can travel a distance of 10-20 km;
  • develops a maximum speed of 30 km / h;
  • power – not less than 500 W;
  • maximum load – 120 kg;
  • weight 11.9 kg;
  • wheel diameter – 35.56 cm;
  • powered by a lithium battery.

The device of this unicycle is simple:

  • wheel with built-in electric motor;
  • accumulator battery;
  • pedals (you need to get up on them);
  • the electronic unit;
  • button to turn on;
  • carrying handle;
  • lighting elements.

The gyroscope prevents the wheel from falling, and the speed is controlled by body tilt. There is no brake on it.

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electric scooter

When choosing an electric scooter, you should pay attention to the Keoghs SK8-9696969 model.

Its specifications:

  • operating voltage – 36 V;
  • the distance that can be traveled on a single charge is 40-60 km;
  • power – 350 W;
  • weight – 16 kg;
  • material – aviation aluminum;
  • maximum inclination (up or down) – 20 degrees;
  • the scooter can be folded;
  • tire size – 20.32 cm;
  • charge in 2-4 hours.
  • battery power – 18650 mAh;
  • maximum speed – 43 km / h.

The main advantages of this electric scooter:

  • ultimate ease of maintenance;
  • great stability.
  • easily customizable;
  • supports a load of 120 kg;
  • the presence of a thickened tire;
  • high slip resistance;
  • high motor energy: exceeds 350W;
  • high power motor;
  • the presence of a high-power battery, which provides endurance over long distances;
  • durable aluminum pedals;
  • supports long-term energy saving through intelligent system;
  • low vibration thanks to the special design of the rear tires;
  • a high stiffness spring can be used to adjust the lateral force during movement

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Electric bike

An electric bicycle is a convenient and practical means of transport. Pay attention to the Shengmilo MX02S model.

His characteristics :

  • the presence of a 1 kW brushless motor, voltage 48 V DC;
  • has undervoltage protection;
  • powerful lithium-ion battery;
  • maximum angle of inclination – 30 degrees;
  • wheel diameter – 66 cm;
  • the frame is made of durable aluminum alloy;
  • convenient digital display;
  • front and rear disc brakes;
  • has 3 operating modes (charge, cycle and moped);
  • bike weight – 200 kg.

The lithium battery is a powerful and reliable source of electrical energy. It features long service life, large capacity and light weight. The e-bike is protected against:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • overload;
  • zero fees;
  • high temperatures;
  • accidental contact with broken wires.

The bike features high performance and extended range. The user can see the exact remaining battery charge.

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Buying electric vehicles on Aliexpress is easy. The site has an intuitive interface. When ordering, it is important to specify the address accurately. The delivery time of the goods does not exceed ten days.