Modern car enthusiasts prefer to buy goods for cars on Aliexpress. This site presents a large selection of devices and useful articles of good quality and at reasonable prices. We present to you a selection of the 5 best interesting gadgets. Among them you will find interesting items for vehicle care and maintenance, as well as comfortable driving.


  • a charging starter
  • 2 cordless car vacuum cleaner
  • 3 Scuff and Scratch Removal Kit
  • 4 Charging extension
  • five car compressor

charging starter

The charger-starter allows you to quickly start the car engine even with a completely discharged battery. It guarantees a start even in the event of severe frost, as well as a good recharge of any type of battery. The device is intended primarily for passenger cars. But light commercial vehicles can also be illuminated, since the device is designed for a current of 11100 mAh. The charger is suitable for both personal use and professional auto mechanic. For example, to quickly start the engine when performing field services. The device is very simple and easy to use. It shows the battery level and condition, does not require complicated settings, and is therefore suitable even for those who are not good at car maintenance. It is considered quite reliable. Supplied from China or Russia. The delivery time does not exceed 40 days. The cost of the device is about 3737 rubles.

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cordless car vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Cleanfly FVQ wireless car vacuum cleaner is a simple and practical gadget for removing dust from the interior and trunk. The device has a small weight and dimensions, which facilitates the cleaning of hard-to-reach places and the use of even a child. With this vacuum cleaner, you can clean a very dusty interior in a few minutes. The gadget works on a rechargeable battery and is charged from a cigarette lighter or an outlet, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. The device is characterized by increased suction power, is considered durable and reliable. In addition to the car, it can be used at home or in the countryside. Delivered from China in 95 days maximum. The gadget costs about 4756 rubles.

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Scuff and Scratch Removal Kit

The scuff and scratch removal kit allows you to almost completely remove minor paint defects. It consists of an abrasive polishing paste and a comfortable polishing sponge. In order to remove a scratch or abrasion, it is enough to thoroughly clean the surface of dirt, apply the agent to the sponge and polish the damage. The tool is only suitable for home and garage use and is not professional because it cannot remove serious defects. Delivered from China in 95 days maximum. The cost of the set is about 120 rubles.

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Charging extension

The load extension is an important thing for a modern motorist. It allows you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, DVR, laptop or other gadget while on the go. The adapter is universal and suitable for charging all mobile devices. It can also be used as an extension cable to charge passenger gadgets in the back seat. The load has a current of 2.4 amps and a voltage of 52 watts. That’s enough to quickly and safely charge gadgets on the go. Delivered from China in 95 days maximum. It costs about 1072 rubles.

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car compressor

A portable car compressor is a simple and handy gadget for quickly inflating or pumping tires. The device will take up little space in the car, so it is suitable even for long trips. The compressor is equipped with a wheel inflation level indicator, which will allow the owner to inflate the tires to the required level or determine their condition. The device is powered by a cigarette lighter. It requires 12 volts, which is standard for passenger cars. Delivery from China is made within a maximum period of 95 days. The cost of the device is about 3000 rubles.

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