It’s hard enough to imagine modern fishing with rods and donks without bite signaling devices. After all, these compact devices help anglers react to a bite in time, so as not to be left without a catch. The problem is that even for professionals it is quite difficult to understand a large number of models on the market and to choose a really useful device that will warn the angler of a bite in time. Therefore, it will be useful for fishing enthusiasts to read this article, which introduces “five” of the most popular and affordable bite alarms on Aliexpress.


  • a HIRISI
  • 2 LIXADA
  • 3 balight
  • four arrow fishing


One of the best offers to catch very careful carp. The kit can include 2-4 bite alarms and the same number of fishing swingers (depending on price). The vast majority of buyers positively assess the speed of delivery and quality of goods.


  • manual adjustment of volume, tone and sensitivity;
  • waterproof casing and water-repellent coating of control unit buttons;
  • high quality speaker and LED;
  • there is a 2.5mm jack for connecting a fishing swinger;
  • there is an on/off button for the device;
  • battery life (up to 50 hours);
  • The kit comes in a handy PU case.

There is only one drawback to this device – a 9V battery will have to be purchased separately.

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Almost ideal for catching fish in open water while night fishing and fishing in low light conditions. There are practically no negative reviews about the quality of the goods and the speed of delivery.


  • compact dimensions;
  • convenient control with all the necessary settings, as well as the ability to turn off the sound or light alarm;
  • the presence of a connector for connecting a swinger;
  • there is a pager with a working range of up to 100 meters and a display that records the number of bites in the last 40 seconds.
  • casing with rubber inserts and a good level of protection against water ingress;
  • “loud” speaker and LEDs that can assess the level of bite using different colors;
  • there is not only an electronic alarm, but also traditional bells.

The only thing that can confuse the buyer in this case is the price and the need to separately purchase a power source in the form of a 9V battery.

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A compact, inexpensive device that attaches directly to the rod and notifies the angler with a bite the moment the fish swallows the bait. The manufacturer recommends using the product during night fishing and in conditions of poor visibility. Buyers are generally happy with the quality of the bite alarm, but there are a few complaints about delivery.


  • convenient attachment (clothes peg) with virtually no restriction on rod diameter;
  • light and sound alarm;
  • the case is made of high-strength plastic;
  • does not damage the line;
  • operates in power saving mode (3 battery life of 1-2 years off power).

Shortcomings, except for the problem with the delivery of goods, in this case have not been identified. Perhaps the best economical option for fishing in all conditions.

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arrow fishing

A more expensive and, perhaps, more reliable analogue of the previous representative of the “five” hot bite alarms from Aliexpress, which enjoys a good reputation among visitors to this Chinese website. The manufacturer, for its part, promises buyers “easy fishing”.


  • waterproof plastic case;
  • fixed on a fishing rod with a clothespin;
  • high build quality;
  • has good characteristics in terms of bite sensitivity;
  • sound and light alarms do not cause any complaints;
  • battery life is beyond praise (batteries included).

There is nothing to complain about this model, except the price.

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Night fishing will be a real pleasure if you attach a sensitive LED indicator to the rod, which will warn the angler in time that you need to hit. Therefore, a fish that has swallowed the bait has virtually no chance of unhooking.

Advantages :

  • automatic operation mode (automatically turns on when in use and turns off when fishing is finished);
  • affordable price;
  • two levels of light signal (depending on the position of the rod and the presence of a bite).

There are doubts about the quality of attaching the device to the rod, but in general it is a very valid option for those who like to fish at night or at dawn in the morning.

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