The number of Apple smartphone users is increasing every year. And despite this, most owners are unaware of a number of hidden features designed to make work better and life easier. We will talk about the most useful and not obvious in the article.


  • a Back Tap function
  • 2 Siri – Password Hint
  • 3 Speed ​​up Safari
  • 4 Ability to hide private photos
  • five Create a reminder when composing a message to a specific contact

Back Tap function

IOS 14 has a new feature that lets you use your iPhone’s back cover as an extra button. Starting with the iPhone 8, you can set various actions on devices when you press the cover: lock the screen, take a screenshot, mute the sound or run other macros.

To activate it, you need:

  • Go to settings;
  • open the “Access” section;
  • go to “Touch”;
  • open the return function.

There are two actions here – double and triple tapping. Click on the menu and select what you want.

Siri – Password Hint

The Siri voice assistant can suggest a password for any service if it has been saved in the account’s password manager. This feature is useful if you need to sign in on a Mac or someone else’s device.

Just unlock the iPhone and ask the phrase “What is my password…” or “Tell me the password of…” to Siri by voice command. Next, name the name of the application whose password you want to know, for example, “What is my password for Netflix” or “Tell me the password for Telegram”. The voice assistant will request a password from the smartphone, after which it will ask for the access code to the account of the specified service.

Speed ​​up Safari

Older versions of IOS before 12 have a built-in function to preload web pages before they are opened. This allows you to speed up the browser. It will preload the available sites from the search results and after clicking on one of them, it will immediately open the completed one.

To enable it, follow these steps:

  • go to device settings;
  • go to the “Safari” section;
  • select “Add-ons”;
  • activate the “Link Preload” (or “Page preload”) function.

You should not activate the function with a limited mobile connection, because the browser will spend megabytes downloading sites that you do not open.

Ability to hide private photos

Each user has a lot of photos in the gallery, some of which do not want to be shown to others. But how then to share the image so that only certain frames are visible? For this, there is a function to hide unwanted files in the Photos app. To do this, just select the photos you want to hide from the main page of the application and they will be moved to a separate folder.

To do this, select a photo, open the “Share” menu and select the “Hide” function. This way you can select multiple photos at once. Now the featured images will be in a separate section under all albums called “Hidden”. This menu is in the “Other albums” section.

It should be noted that they are not protected by an additional password or by the need to reuse biometric data. This function only removes unwanted photos from prying eyes from the main screen and allows you to hide them among ordinary photos. If a person has an unlocked iPhone in his hands, he can easily open all hidden pictures.

Create a reminder when composing a message to a specific contact

This feature allows you to pin a reminder on the chat page with the selected contact. You can create a note in the Notes app. After writing it, you need to click on “Details”, then select “When sending a message” and specify the person. Now when you write a message to a specific number, a notification with a note will appear at the top.