Everyone has lost their smartphone at least once, and it took precious minutes to find it. The easiest option is to dial your number from another phone. But what if you put the device on silent or lose the gadget outside the house? In such cases, there are special applications that make it easier to find a smartphone.


  • a If the phone is lost outside the home or has been stolen
    • 1.1 Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac – for Apple
    • 1.2 Find My Device – for Android
    • 1.3 Find My Mobile – for Samsung
    • 1.4 Prey Anti-theft
    • 1.5 family locator
  • 2 Looking for a gadget at home
    • 2.1 With the help of voice
    • 2.2 With a whistle

If the phone is lost outside the home or has been stolen

Device tracking apps differ by phone model and operating system. Also, the software differs in functionality.

Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac – for Apple

Every Apple device has a Find My feature that helps you find a lost or stolen device. But to know the location of the Apple via iCloud, you need to prepare the iPhone – activate Find My:

  1. Go to settings”.
  2. Go to the “Basic” section.
  3. Enter “Restrictions” by entering the device password.
  4. Find the “Privacy” section.
  5. Go to the “Geolocation” menu.
  6. Check the box next to the “Prohibit changes” function.
  7. Open Find My iPhone and disable the status menu icon to prevent a thief or finder from quickly realizing location is enabled on the device.
  8. Go to iCloud and enable the “Find My iPhone” feature in its menu.

It is this sequence that must be followed to deceive the attacker. The homepage will not indicate that tracking is enabled on the device. All mobile data will be stored in iCloud.

Find My Device – for Android

A multifunctional application suitable for any model of smartphone on the Android 4.1 operating system and higher. Find My Device allows you to determine the location of the gadget on the map, download construction diagrams to facilitate the search for the device in large rooms, remotely activate the signal, destroy data and block the smartphone. Network information, battery level and hardware changes are also transmitted.

Find My Mobile – for Samsung

Official service of Samsung, implemented in all models of the Galaxy line. Data is provided even when the device is offline. Data from Galaxy can still be copied and transferred to Samsung Cloud. Almost complete remote control of the phone is also available through the Find My Mobile website.

Prey Anti-theft

To activate the program, you need to register on the developer’s website. http://preyproject.com, then receive a special text message to another number that is not associated with the protected device. After that, the user will be informed by SMS about any changes to the SIM cards. The program is available not only for phones, but also for laptops.

family locator

A program that allows you to track the movement of multiple devices at once on a map updated in real time. Gadgets are attached directly, do not require registration. No personal information is also used, including phone number, all communication between apps is done through a code system. The program also allows you to remotely connect to the gadget’s camera or microphone without notifications and warnings, if this option has been enabled.

Looking for a gadget at home

But most often the phone is lost in a small room. Then individual programs will come to the rescue, which will respond to an action from a person.

With the help of voice

The simplest option is voice. For the iPhone, the Marco Polo program is suitable. It is enough to say “Marco” loudly, after which the smartphone will respond “Polo” at maximum volume, and also activate a bright red backlight on the screen. Parameters allow you to replace the phrase.

For Android, you can use the Aushka app. You just need to give the smartphone a name, after which it will respond to it.

Even if you don’t have any special apps installed, you can use the voice assistant. Alice and Siri will be able to answer if you call them and ask them to turn on the music.

With a whistle

The whistle has a high frequency that your smartphone can hear, although this is rare in everyday life. Just whistle softly and the phone will answer. One such solution is the Whistle Locator PRO.

To ensure high security, it is recommended to install several applications at the same time. Then you will have more opportunities to find your lost device anywhere.