Turn a Discord Pro with negro, italics and other text tricks

discordia It allows users to customize the look of text messages using the Markdown system for negro, italics, subline, etc. Discord, which has been around since 2015, needs much of its initial success in sports and PC players you used to chat with friends while playing online multiplayer games. Unlike other VoIP platforms such as Skype, Discord does not require users to have a telephone connection to communicate with anyone. Users can easily access the voicemail to make a call.

Since then, the Discord has evolved its role as a game and is now used by individuals and organizations as a communication platform. Users can create public or private servers, these endpoints are only accessible by invitation. The Discord server has different channels by type or category to keep conversations organized. Many servers only use text to communicate, such as servers made for work or education.

There is Discordia, users can chat in channels or with friends in DMs. The use of simple text may be limited and in some cases users may need to specify text to express a period. Fortunately, Discord supports Markdown, a simple text markup language. Markdown allows Discord users to mark text as black, italics, sublined, bold, or even use a combination of these styles. In the work area interface, this can all be done easily by highlighting and sorting the text between the available Markdown options that appear before sending. In mobile applications, users accurately use Markdown characters to format text.

To italicize the text, enter an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of the message. It should look like *this* when digitized, and esté when a message is sent. Para marcar o texto como negrito no Discord, coloque dois asteriscos (**) no início e no end do texto.A mensagem deve se parecer com ** este ** oa digitar e deve se parecer com esté send. To combine black and Italian formatting styles, add three asterisks (***) to the message redor.Antes de enviar a mensagem deve ficar parecida com *** esta ***, uma vez enviada a linguagem Markdown mudará o texto para

Este. The text can also be beautifully formatted or use the tacking style. Add sublime (_) before and after text to subline text in Discord. To find the text, add two letters (~~) to the beginning and end of the text. Users can also combine formatting styles by adding two or more character styles before and after the text. While other messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram also support Markdown, the specific characters used are the same.discordia

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