Twitter Circle draws a line between private and public tweets

Twitter introduces a new Circle resource that allows you to share Tweets with fewer people, including a gap between a private account and a public account. This is one of Twitter’s most recent efforts to provide users with additional ways to choose who and how posts are shared on the platform.

Like most social media sites, Twitter has been criticized for being run in moderation, content that allows it to exist on the platform and content that doesn’t. This has not only been approved by several accounts, but also by Elon Musk who agrees to an agreement to buy Twitter. This deal is still going on, as if Twitter is constantly launching new resources.

The most recent is circles† A Twitter circle is similar to a community in that it excludes shared posts that are not shared with everyone on Twitter. What differs from a Community, however, is that Circle members do not necessarily participate. Again, any Twitter user with access to Circles can choose who Circular members are, even if they have no followers, and share a post with them. Twitter is like having a secure account without actually having a secure account. For reference, the Circle is still in the testing phase, while others may have access to it, others may not.

Just as they can’t manually enter a Circle, a Twitter user can’t know one either. This is obviously different from a community where the member can opt out of participating based on their current interests. Once upon a time, and like Twitter explains, who is or is not a member of the Circle is entirely determined by the creator of the Circle. Each circle can have up to 150 members, and each Twitter account can only have one circle at a time. Circle members also won’t be able to see who’s in the circle itself and won’t be able to retweet a Tweet shared with a circle unless they’re required to like or comment on it.

While Circle members cannot opt ​​out of participating, this does not mean that they do not have control over experience. For example, they can mute the conversation if they don’t want to participate. no general, to Twitter The new Circle resource works in a similar way to “Close Friends” on Instagram, which also allows users to create a private list of people a post is shared with.

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