Twitter may cover you in the future unless you are a casual user

Elon Musk says something Twitter users can pay a small fee to use the platform. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is poised to buy Twitter, with the proposed $44 billion in the process to be finalized. Musk offered to pay $54.20 per chance to buy Twitter and keep it private. The Twitter board approved Musk’s offer to buy, but not before adopting the so-called “veneno pill” strategy to thwart the hostile takeover attempt.

Elon Musk mentioned what was going on at the end of March when he said he was seriously thinking about launching a new social media network. Musk did not disclose his plans on Twitter at the time, but has already expressed his dismay at the political rules of moderation on Twitter that banned tweets and censored users for exposing information and conspiracy theories under the guise of freedom.

em um Tweet, Elon Musk says some Twitter users may have to pay taxes to use the platform in the future. Musk says casual Twitter users can still use the service for free, but retailers and governments will have to pay to continue using the platform. Musk won’t give more details on the case, so there’s no telling what he’s envisioning right now or how he’ll implement the new policy once he takes over. However, it is clear that he is trying to find new sources of income for the company to monetize his multi-billionaire deal.

A recent SEC document revealed that Musk’s agreement with Twitter includes a clause requiring him to meet the criteria with his tweets or pay $1 billion to the company. Pursuant to one of the clauses, Musk must refrain from posting derogatory tweets on Twitter or its users until the agreement is finalized. Musk can still tweet about the deal, but only as long as it doesn’t offend the company or any of its employees. Meanwhile, he leaked derogatory tweets about Twitter’s lead attorney, Vijaya Gadde, about the company’s moderation policies, though it doesn’t appear to violate the $1 billion clause.

Besides freedom of speech, Elon Musk’s other favorite topic is an “Edit” button for Twitter. Embora Musk has been one of their best defenders, it’s unlikely he’s the only one crying out for revenge. The ‘edit’ option is available on almost all social media platforms, and Twitter is the odd one out for not offering this to your users. The company, meanwhile, recently confirmed that it is working on an “edition” source starting in 2021 and has plans to begin testing among Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming months. Twitter didn’t give a precise time for the launch of an edit button, but many expressed concern that it would make it easier for trolls and malicious attackers to travel by posting annoying or abusive Tweets before editing them for later.

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