Typing a tilde character

  1. Shortcut keys or command codes expand the characters you can type
  2. Different moves for different platforms
  3. Mac computers
  4. Windows PC
  5. HTML
  6. iOS and Android mobile devices

Shortcut keys or command codes expand the characters you can type

diacritical mark tilde is a small wavy line that appears above certain consonants and vowels. The sign is commonly used in Spanish and Portuguese. For example, for the word . to enter Maya, meaning tomorrow , in Spanish, with a PC with a numeric keypad on the keyboard, you need to enter a numeric code to get the tilde character above the “n”. If you have a Mac, it’s a little easier.

Tilde characters are often used in upper and lower case: Ã, ã, Ñ, ñ, Õ, and õ.

Different moves for different platforms

Different keyboard shortcuts display the tilde on the keyboard, depending on your platform.

Most Mac and Windows keyboards have a built-in tilde key for built-in tilde highlights, but it can’t be used to select a letter. The tilde is sometimes used in English to mean approximately – e.g. “~3000 BC.”

Some programs or different platforms may have special keystrokes for creating diacritics, including tilde marks. If the following keystrokes don’t work to generate tilde marks for you, see the Application Guide or search the Help Guide.

Mac computers

On a Mac, press and hold a key Option enter a letter N and release both keys. You will see a tilde above the underlined space. Then directly enter the letter to be highlighted, for example A , N or O to create lowercase letters with tilde accents.

For an uppercase version of a character, press the key Shift before entering the accent letter.

Windows PC

To turn on Num Lock . Hold down a key ALTO enter the corresponding numeric code on the numeric keypad to create characters with tilde accents. If you don’t have a numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard, these numeric codes won’t work.

For Windows, numeric codes for capital letters:

  • alt + 0195 =
  • alt + 0209 = C
  • alt + 0213 = x

For Windows, the lowercase numeric codes are:

  • alt + 0227 =
  • alt + 0241 = –
  • alt + 0245 = x

If you don’t have a numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard, insert accented characters from the character map. In Windows, find the character map by clicking Get started > All programs > Default > System tools > . Overview of letters . Or click on Windows and type “character map” in the search box. Select the desired letter and paste it into the document you are working on.


Render in HTML characters with tilde characters by typing & (ampersand sign), then a letter (A, N, or O), a word tilde and finally a semicolon (; ) with no spaces in between. For instance:

  • ñ = ñ

  • x = O

In HTML, tilde characters can appear smaller than the surrounding text. In some cases, you may want to increase the font size for just these characters.

iOS and Android mobile devices

You can access special accented characters, including the tilde, using the virtual keyboard on your mobile device. Press and hold a key A , N or O on the virtual keyboard to open a window with several options. Swipe the character with the tilde and lift your finger to select it.

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