Unblock a sender in Gmail

Unblocking an email address in Gmail is as easy as removing that email address from the filter you created to set the block first. Once the “Delete” filter is removed, new emails will appear in your inbox again.

However, don’t just delete the entire filter from scratch. You may still want to block other email addresses or domains in the filter. If so, you can edit the filter to remove only the email addresses you want to unblock and leave the rest there to continue blocking them.

  1. Find a filter to unlock
  2. Edit filter
  3. Remove all filters
  4. Unblock blocked address
  5. Can’t unblock an email address?
  6. Force the issue with a whitelist
  7. More to consider before unlocking

Find a filter to unlock

Gmail allows you to remove an email address or domain from the blocked list on a page Filters and blocked addresses at institutions. The first step is to find a filter that removes emails.

  1. Use the settings/gear icon in the top right corner of Gmail to open the settings menu, then select Institutions

  2. Open a tab Filters and blocked addresses at the top to access these settings.

  3. Find a filter configured to remove email. You will see the address in bold. Below the address you will see the action the filter should take. He will say something like: Do it: delete it

Edit filter

Now that you’ve found the filter that is blocking this email address, you need to decide whether to remove it (which will unblock emails from all senders listed in the filter) or edit it to include just that one email address. delete (for only unblock messages from that address).

  1. Click or tap Change to the right of this filter to access the details.

  2. Find a field From at the top of the pop-up screen.

    If you want to stop blocking all email addresses listed there, skip to the next section below (skip the rest of the steps).

    If there are multiple email addresses on the list and you want to keep blocking some of them, delete only those email addresses that need to be unblocked and move on to the next step. In other words, any address still in the filter will still be blocked.

  3. Select Get on at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Use the checkboxes to change how Gmail handles emails that your filter intercepts.

  5. Select Update filter to complete your changes.

Remove all filters

To remove the filter completely and unblock all email addresses in the field From just remove the entire filter.

  1. Back to tab Filters and blocked addresses at institutions. You can repeat the first set of steps above to do this.

  2. Find the filter that deletes emails and select remove right.

  3. Click or tap Okay to confirm the deletion.

Unblock blocked address

If you’ve used the relatively new feature Block in Gmail, to directly block senders from spam messages, the process of unblocking them is slightly different, much simpler.

  1. Use gear icon in the top right corner of the Gmail window to open the menu.

  2. Select Institutions in the drop-down list of options.

  3. On the page Institutions search and select tab Filters and blocked addresses at the top of the window.

  4. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a blocked addresses section. These are the addresses you automatically filtered on spam use the function Block † Find the address you want to unblock.

  5. There is a link to the right of each email address Unlock † Tap or tap the link next to the address you want to unblock.

  6. Gmail will ask you to confirm that you want to unblock the address and send all future email to your inbox. Click Okay Get on.

  7. All future email from an unblocked address will show up in your regular inbox, unless there is another filter directing it elsewhere.

Can’t unblock an email address?

Removing the email address from the filter blocking these emails, or removing the entire filter, is by far the best way to avoid email blocking. However, if after this you find that you are still unable to receive emails in your inbox from that sender, there are still a few things you can do

Make sure there is no other filter

There is always a chance that the email you just unblocked will be blocked or forwarded elsewhere by another filter. Find this address on the page Filters and blocked addresses † You may have set a different filter to automatically move these messages to another folder, in which case you can edit or delete this filter to make sure they get to your inbox.

maybe it’s real is a spam

Another thing to consider is that if you send emails through this filter to the Trash folder, they may not be the messages you need. So if they still don’t reach your inbox even after you remove the filter, Gmail may mark them as spam.

  1. Open folder spam † If you have custom Gmail folders, they may be hidden under Yet

  2. Search in folder spam an email that is actually not spam and open it.

  3. Chances are you’ll see a large banner at the top of the message asking if you want to report the email as spam. If so, click Do not report spam to move it back.

    Don’t worry if you don’t see it. There is a small label at the top of the message next to the subject spam † Click small X next to the word spam to remove the label and return it to your inbox.

  4. Your message, and hopefully others like it, will now appear in your inbox.

Force the issue with a whitelist

Another way to make sure you get emails to your inbox is to whitelist that email address so that Gmail no longer marks those emails as spam. As long as you don’t have a filter that sends emails to the Recycle Bin or any other folder in your account, whitelisting should be all you need to do to unblock emails.

More to consider before unlocking

Be careful when removing Gmail filters that contain more than one email address, especially if the filter blocks the entire domain. Domains contain many email addresses and potential emails. For example, if you blocked the entire domain @ spamsite.org because it keeps spamming you – and you want to keep blocking those emails – make sure you don’t delete the entire filter as this will unblock the entire domain as well.

If you are trying to remove the entire filter and thus unblock an email address, it may be tempting to edit the filter and then remove the option remove it † However, since some settings in the filters need to be enabled, you will get an error message. It is best to remove the entire filter to stop the automatic deletion of emails.

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