Update your AirTag now to get an important security resource

Apple has started rolling out a firmware update for air labels to make it easier for people to find unknown AirTags near you. Readers like AirTags use Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connections to help users recreate and recreate their content, be it a card, notebook or mouse. They are relatively inexpensive in most cases, allowing people to buy a lot of them to repair the cotidiano’s items.

Despite all its advantages, AirTags and other Bluetooth browsers have received negative reviews in recent times. This should come at a low price and a small fee, making it easier for some people to use these devices to switch cars or chase others. Apple is launching updates to prevent its hackers from being used for illegal purposes, and the most recent update is a step further in that direction.

In a support document published Thursday, Apple revealed that it is launching a new AirTag firmware update that will modify the default streaming voice to help people find unfamiliar AirTags more easily. The update follows a series of changes Apple made early this year to use AirTags to discourage harassment and other illegal streaming activities. Most of the changes were launched in February with the iOS 15.4 beta, with others launching later this year.

The login update comes with firmware version 1.0.301 and compilation number 1A301, while the previous firmware version was 1.0.291 with compilation number 1A291. AirTag updates happen automatically through a connected iPhone, but users can verify that the update has reached the device by verifying the version number in the Find My application. To do this, open the application, go to ‘Itens‘, select the AirTag destination from the list and tap the AirTag name. The update is only available for devices with iOS 14.5 or later.

Another thing to note is that Apple will provide the most recent firmware update in continuous form. According to iEsclarecido, only 1% of users will receive it when it launches early this week. Expect the number to increase to 10% through May 3 and 25% through May 9 before the update launches for everyone. AirTag users until May 13. The optional launch is a practical template for launching OTA software and helps ensure that the firmware works as expected and is free from critical bugs that could cause problems for users.

Source: Maçã, iEsclarecido

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