Upgrade your MagSafe battery to charge your iPhone even faster

maçã launched an update to the MagSafe Battery Pack that allows you to charge a compatible iPhone faster than ever before. After the launch of MagSafe with the iPhone 12 series, several manufacturers have tried to use similar technology as Android smartphones. Among them is the ZTE, which supports the Nubia Z40 Pro smartphone with 15W non-magnetic charging.

The MagSafe Battery Pack was announced in 2021 as one of two MagSafe accessories for the iPhone. Compatible with both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 line, the MagSafe Battery Pack is essentially a power bank that charges the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 without built-in batteries when plugged into the back of the phone. The battery is priced at US$99, which is a bit high. However, there are many third-party alternatives that are not only cheaper but also have a greater battery capacity.

With a new update to the MagSafe Battery Pack, it can now charge a connected iPhone faster. When the MagSafe Battery Pack was first announced, it could only charge the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 at 5W speeds, but slower than the 7.5W speeds obtained with a non-Qi charger. With the new update, the MagSafe Battery Pack can now charge an iPhone compatible with 7.5W, combining wireless charging speeds.

The MagSafe battery is automatically updated when connected to an iPhone. However, this method is slow and Apple says it can take about a week to complete. Users can check the firmware version of their MagSafe battery to confirm that the update is complete. To do this, go ahead definitions on iPhone, selection In generalentão As regards† Tap MagSafe Battery Pack to check the firmware version, which should be 2.7.

A faster way to update your MagSafe battery is to use a Mac or iPad. To do this, connect a Lightning cable to the battery and connect the USB end to a Mac or iPad. The update must be downloaded. This method is significantly faster, as Apple says it takes about five minutes to update. Users can confirm that the battery has been updated by following the method described above to verify the firmware version on an iPhone.

After downloading the update, the MagSafe Battery Pack can charge the iPhone up to 7.5W in motion. Embora this is a slight increase from 5W, it has yet to be translated into visibly faster charging. Unfortunately, the upgrade does not increase charging speeds to a maximum of 15W when a power adapter (20W or higher) is connected by Apple MagSafe battery.

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