Use filters to see only important email in Yahoo Mail

It’s very easy for an email account to be cluttered with all kinds of posts that you don’t really want to see right now, including things like newsletters, social media updates, posts you’ve already read, etc. D.

Fortunately, the star system gives you instant access to emails that Yahoo Mail considers important. Another thing you can do is sort the messages by certain criteria that can help you find the important messages you need to see. now without having to search through hundreds of emails. This includes flagged email.

  1. Flag email
  2. How to Find Important Yahoo Mail Emails
  3. Featured Category Yahoo Mail

Flag email

The easiest way to let Yahoo know the importance of a message is to manually star an email using the star icons next to the subject in your inbox.

  1. Find an important message in your inbox.

  2. Select star icon to the left of the message subject and select it.

  3. The icon will fill in orange, indicating that it is marked with an asterisk.

How to Find Important Yahoo Mail Emails

For example, you might want to see only unread messages and immediately hide any messages you’ve already opened. Or maybe it’s an email with an attachment you need to find.

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail account.

  2. Find To sort in the top right corner of your mailbox and select it.

  3. Select a sort option from the list. Your choice includes:

    • Date: from top to top † Select this option to display new emails at the very top of the list.
    • Date: top top: If you’re looking for really old emails, or if you want to delete old messages that you don’t open anymore, sort by date so that old emails show up first.
    • unread messages † This sort option allows you to view all unread messages first, which may include emails you’ve never opened or messages marked as unread.
    • tagged † To see flagged messages before other messages, select this option from the drop-down menu. These messages are most likely very important to you as you have marked them.
  4. After you choose a sorting method, your inbox will be reordered to display messages based on your chosen method.

Featured Category Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail also has a special category. It puts the emails it cares about in this special filter so that you can access them easily. It also automatically includes posts you’ve tagged.

Important messages from Yahoo Mail can be messages that have been emailed to you more than once, or messages from people in your contact list.

You can open the starred category by selecting tagged on the left side of Yahoo Mail. This category is part of the main list, along with your inbox, sent, and other main email categories.

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