Using Apple’s Universal Controls with a Windows PC

While by Apple With the Universal Control source, a keyboard and trackpad can connect multiple iPad tablets and Mac computers, with a little help, a Windows PC can also be controlled by an iPad Magic Keyboard. This is not an innovation from Apple, but rather the work of a third-party application that already provides similar resources to Universal Control.

Apple has been continuously integrating its products from the beginning. It makes sense to encourage customer loyalty in return for more than making the first decision to buy from Apple. AirPods work best with an iPhone and an Apple Watch requires an iPhone for initial setup to access all resources. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac work well together, making it easier to handle a call or message on any device while quickly sharing photos, videos, and files over a connection that wasn’t instantaneous. Universal Control is more of a connection between a well-united product family.

An application called Synergy has resources similar to Universal Control, allowing Windows and Mac computers to share a single keyboard and mouse, while not having the ability to connect to a tablet. Install Synergy on a Mac compatible with Universal Control devices on all three platforms using a keyboard and trackpad or mouse. Reddit user kxs8997 posted a video demonstrating his experience using an iPad’s trackpad with a Magic Keyboard to move the mouse cursor and keyboard focus between a Mac, a portable iPad, and a Windows PC. This seamless transition between devices is an unexpected bonus when using Synergy on a Mac that supports Universal Control.

For those who need to develop applications, create sites or test products on different platforms, this will make life much easier. Rather than holding another keyboard or physically bringing a device closer to the fabric, the user can continue digitizing on the keyboard that is already perfectly positioned and continue clicking and rolling with the mouse or trackpad in hand.

These small details of efficiency are missing as the keyboard and mouse are used continuously all day long. This is almost the paradise of adventurers. The only way to get better is to connect with the user. It’s still possible to try moving the mouse to the correct work area before digging and finding the keys for the faulty device are indoors. Yet it is very close to the ideal configuration for those who need to alternate between by Apple Mac or iPad and Windows computers from Microsoft.

Font: Sinergia, kxs8997/Reddit

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