Using Gmail: Getting Started with a New Gmail Account

  1. Archive, search and tag your Gmail messages
  2. What is Gmail?
  3. Get a Gmail account
  4. Set up Gmail
  5. Using Gmail
  6. How to make labels?
  7. Search emails in Gmail

Archive, search and tag your Gmail messages

You can receive, send, delete, and archive messages in Gmail just like you would any other email service. Gmail also provides convenient methods for archiving, searching, and tagging messages. Learn how to get started with your new Gmail account.

The information in this article applies to Gmail on the web and the Gmail mobile app for iOS and Android.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service from Google. It integrates with other Google services such as Google Docs, Google Drive and YouTube. Google also offers paid business services through G Suite. There is also an HTML version of Gmail called Gmail Basic and a Gmail mobile app.

If you’ve never had an email account, Gmail is a good place to start. It’s safe and free and comes with 15 GB of storage for your messages. Your email is stored online so you can access it from any device that can connect to the Internet.

If you have a different email account with a different provider, you can link it to Gmail so you can read all your incoming messages in one inbox.

Get a Gmail account

To create a new Gmail account, you must first create a new Google account.

  1. Go to and select create an account .

    If you have used other Google accounts in your browser, you may be prompted to select an account. Select Use another account at the bottom to go to the login screen.

  2. Select For yourself .

  3. Enter the requested information, then select Further .

    You can change the name that appears in the field By: after setting up a Gmail account.

  4. You may be asked to provide a phone number to verify your identity. Enter your phone number and select Further . Google will send you a text message with a code that you need to enter on the next page.

    Your phone number is not saved. The next step is to re-enter your phone number to associate it with your Gmail account.

  5. Enter the requested information, then select Further .

    Providing account recovery information is optional, but can be helpful if you accidentally forget your password.

  6. Read Google’s privacy information and select I agree .

  7. Select Further .

  8. Choose a layout to view your posts, then click Okay .

This can be changed later.

You will be automatically taken to Gmail to set up a new account. You’ll see a message from Google in your inbox with important information about using Gmail.

You can use your new Google credentials to access YouTube, Google Docs, and all other Google services.

Set up Gmail

After reading the introductory information, you can personalize your account. For example, select change profile picture to add a photo for other Gmail users to see. To change the colors and layout of the Gmail interface, select Choose a theme . If you have another email account, select Import contacts and email to link it to your new Gmail account.

Using Gmail

Select . to send a new Gmail message To create .

Select star next to a message to mark it as important.

To delete messages from your inbox, select the checkbox next to the message and select archive (folder with down arrow) or Basket (garbage can).

When you send a message to the Trash in Gmail, it isn’t automatically deleted. To permanently delete a message, select Basket in the left pane to open the trash can, then select Shopping cart empty now .

To sign out of Gmail, select your profile icon (or picture) in the top right corner, then select Log out .

How to make labels?

Gmail shortcuts make it easy to manage your mailboxes. While viewing a message, select Label and select one of the options or select Create new to create your own shortcuts.

Search emails in Gmail

In addition to using shortcuts, you can search for messages using the search bar above your inbox. You can also use your Gmail contacts to find all correspondence with specific people.

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