Using Gmail to send instant messages

  1. Connecting with friends is easy, fun and free with Hangouts
  2. Send instant messages from Gmail
  3. Gmail Instant Messaging Tips

Connecting with friends is easy, fun and free with Hangouts

If you have Gmail open, don’t switch to another instant messaging app. Instead, from Gmail, head to Hangouts, Google’s instant chat app. Before you can send instant messages with Gmail, you need a Google account, which, in addition to Gmail and Hangouts, gives you access to YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, and more.

Send instant messages from Gmail

Your Gmail screen displays information about your contacts at the bottom of the left pane. Here’s how to send instant messages from Gmail using this contact list.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account and open Hangouts.

  2. In the contact list, hover over the name of the person you want to send a message to. A window with four icons appears: Send an email Schedule an event send a message and Start a video call

  3. Select send a message

  4. A chat window will appear with the person’s name at the top. If you’ve already chatted with them before seeing your past conversations.

  5. In a text field send a message Enter your message.

  6. When the other person enters a reply message, an icon will appear next to their name ellipsis † When they send a reply message, you will see it in the chat window.

  7. Send messages back and forth just like any other messaging app.

  8. When you’re done, select in the top right corner of the chat window X

Gmail Instant Messaging Tips

When you’re chatting with someone else, you can do more than just text. Here’s how to find these extra features.

  1. In the chat window, select the icon video call to start a video chat.

  2. Choose an icon Create a group chat to start a group chat with the person on the screen.

  3. Choose an icon parameters: (acceleration) to manage chat conversations.

    The following are available: parameters

    • notifications † Select to receive chat notifications.
    • Call Log † Select to view the history of conversations with this contact.
    • Archive the conversation † Select whether you have ended the call and want to save.
    • Delete a conversation † Choose whether to delete this conversation from the archive.
    • Block (contact name) † Select whether you want this contact to stop messaging you.
  4. Choose an icon pop up to view the video meeting in a separate window.

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