Using Gmail’s most useful features

  1. Beginner tips for sending, formatting, tagging and more in Gmail
  2. Send from any email address
  3. Use Auto Forward or POP Access
  4. Check spelling
  5. Apply Rich Text Formatting
  6. Have an email conversation
  7. Chat with Google Talk
  8. Organize posts with tags
  9. Select How to handle the message
  10. Install the release transponder
  11. Make appointments from email
  12. RSVP for event invites

Beginner tips for sending, formatting, tagging and more in Gmail

Gmail can be easily used as an interface for sending and receiving email messages. But many of its features do much more than that. Take a look at the points below and find out which features can help make your personal or business life easier.

Send from any email address

After a simple verification process to prove that the email address is yours, use Gmail to compose and send messages in Gmail from that address. Recipients see the message as sent from a non-Gmail address.

Use Auto Forward or POP Access

Do you prefer the desktop email app over the web-based Gmail? To receive Gmail messages without going to the Gmail website, ask Gmail to automatically forward incoming email to another email address or download it directly to the email app.

Check spelling

Gmail’s spell checker is integrated and recognizes many languages. To use it, at the bottom of the composition window, select the icon menu (three dots) and select Check spelling † Then click on one of the highlighted words to see the spelling.

Apply Rich Text Formatting

In most browsers, advanced formatting can be added to email messages, such as custom fonts and colors, bold or italic fonts, indents, and more.

Have an email conversation

When you open an email in Gmail, you open the entire conversation thread. Gmail shows each message in its own context, with preceding emails followed by follow-up emails.

Chat with Google Talk

In the Gmail app, use Google Talk to communicate with anyone connected to the Google Talk network. Conversations are automatically archived.

Organize posts with tags

Use Gmail labels to classify email messages. You can use as many labels as you want. Use appropriate labels to display a message in multiple folders.

Select How to handle the message

Process an incoming Gmail message in a variety of ways, such as replying, forwarding, moving to a folder, making an appointment, or reporting spam.

Install the release transponder

While you’re on vacation or just relaxing with your email, Gmail can respond on your behalf. Anyone who sends you multiple messages will receive your reply every four days.

Make appointments from email

Appointments, plans, events, invitations and appointments appear in emails regularly. Gmail can automatically fetch data and add events mentioned in messages to your Google Calendar.

To add an event to an email message, select the icon menu (three points), then select Create event † Google Calendar opens, where you make changes to the entry. When you choose Save , you can send invitations to your friends. After you send an event invite, it will appear on your Google Calendar.

RSVP for event invites

If you received an email invitation, you can choose to accept or decline the message. To help you schedule, Gmail displays appointments in your calendar during a new appointment. Select . to answer Yes Could be or Not under the title of the event.

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