Using macOS contacts with Outlook

  1. Export your contacts to a VCF file
  2. How to Import MacOS Contacts to Outlook
  3. More tips for using macOS contacts with Outlook

Export your contacts to a VCF file

Importing contacts to Outlook is very easy using a CSV file or an Excel document. However, if you’re on a Mac and want to use your contacts’ address book with Microsoft Outlook, export the people list to a VCF file. The vCard file can also be used as a backup of your contacts and stored in a secure location such as an online backup service. Or save the VCF file to your computer so you can import your contacts to another location, such as Gmail or your iCloud account.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019 for Mac and Outlook 2016 for Mac.

How to Import MacOS Contacts to Outlook

To import your address book list into Microsoft Outlook so that you can use your contacts in that email program:

  1. Open Contacts or directory

    If you don’t want to export the whole list, select the contacts you want to export.

  2. Go to File Export vCard export or sleep All contacts from the list Group on the desktop.

    If you don’t see All contacts, select Show Show groups

  3. Close the open contacts window and open Outlook.

  4. Select People or Contacts

  5. Drag File All contacts.vcf from the desktop (created in step 2) to the main category The Address Book

    Make sure the plus sign ( displayed when you hover a file over an address book category.

  6. Delete the VCF file from your desktop or copy it to another location to use as a backup.

More tips for using macOS contacts with Outlook

Outlook for Mac automatically creates and assigns categories if you have groups of contacts in your address book.

To avoid backing up notes and photos to a VCF file, go to Contacts Settings vCard and then turn off Export notes. in vCards checkboxes and Export photos to business cards

You can also use this VCF file to convert your macOS contact list to a CSV file.

If you chose . in step 2 File Export Contact archive , the contacts are exported as an ABBU file instead of a VCF. Use the ABBU format to import contacts back into the MacOS app.

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