Using Message Templates in Yahoo Mail

Workaround for message templates in Yahoo Mail

If you find yourself sending the same emails to multiple people, you can save a lot of time by starting with a template. Although Yahoo Mail does not support email templates, you can use already sent messages as templates with a workaround for copy and paste.

The instructions in this article apply to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS and Android.

Creating Templates in Yahoo Mail

To create and use message templates in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Create a folder in your Yahoo mail called Templates

  2. Open a new message and enter the desired text in the body of the letter. Format it the way you want the message to appear.

  3. Send a formatted message with the desired text.

  4. Move a sent message from a folder Sent to a folder Templates

  5. Before composing a new message, open the message template in the folder Templates

  6. Highlight and copy all text in the message body.

    Click ctrl+c on Windows or Command+C on a Mac to copy the selected text.

  7. Start a new message and paste the text from the template into the body of the new message.

    Click Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on a Mac to paste the copied text.

  8. Edit the message and send it to the correct recipients.

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