Using the Eyedropper Tool (Color Swatch) in MS Publisher

  1. Match colors perfectly by choosing an existing shade
  2. Choose a resource
  3. color sample
  4. Apply background color
  5. Paste circle shape
  6. Apply color to text
  7. Alternative method

Match colors perfectly by choosing an existing shade

Instead of choosing from theme colors or other color palettes in Microsoft Publisher, use the eyedropper tool to select a fill, outline, or text color from another object in your document.

Choose a resource

After selecting an image, select Picture Tools > Format > image border > Color line pattern.

If you choose colors from other shapes, select the shape and go to the section Drawing tools > Format > fill form > Fill pattern. Colour or contour shape > Example line color.

If you’re choosing a color from text you’ve added to the page, select the text and go to Text Field Tools > Format > font color > Example color font .

color sample

When the cursor changes to an eyedropper, position it on any color in the image. When you click and hold, a small colored square shows the color you selected. This technique is useful if you are trying to focus on one of the many colors.

Repeat this step for all the colors you want to capture. Now they are displayed in the section Latest colors below Color scheme and Standard colors .

Save Publication – Selected Latest colors stick to the document.

Apply background color

Now that you have a choice of colors, you can start applying color to other objects on your page.

To apply a background color, select Page design > Background > Additional backgrounds to open the menu Fill Effects .

Press the button a colour and then click the drop-down menu Color 1 to open Theme/Standard/Latest Colors . Choose one of the selected last flowers .

Paste circle shape

If you want to insert a circle shape, use Insert > figures and then select Drawing tools > Format . > fill form .

Choose a color Latest colors .

Apply color to text

For each text, draw the text box with Insert > Draw text field . Enter the text of your choice and select the desired font. Then, with the text selected, select the menu font color and choose one of recent colors .

Alternative method

Instantly sample colors by selecting the object or text you want to color. Sample color with an eyedropper from another object or text on the page and it will be automatically applied to the selected object/text.

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