View aerial photos in 3D with Apple Maps

maçã recently demonstrated the Flyover technology of your Maps application, noting that this resource can be used during National Park Week to get a good overall view of the beautiful landscape of the ar. Embora is the best way to get to know nature in person, traveling can be difficult at times, unlike a virtual adventure that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, regardless of the place.

Apple launched its competitor Google Maps in 2012, with tools such as turn-by-turn directions, three-dimensional maps and “Look Around,” Apple’s equivalent of Google’s Street View. Anchoring the idea of ​​a solid well and changing the pattern option on the iPhone, the Apple logo started receiving complaints when the inevitable comparison of your Maps app to Google Maps was deemed inadequate in terms of coverage and accuracy. Apple has persisted, and in the past two years, the difference has narrowed so much that Apple Maps matches Google Maps on the iPhone in several ways.

The Flyover resource has been added to Apple Maps for a decade, but the option is only available in a select group of major cities and reference locations. Chances are, many users are not aware that this resource exists. A recent Tweet by Apple Support covers tonnage and is displayed as the Apple Maps Flyover on iPhone. To view a map, tap a city or reference point name to open a local map. If Flyover is available for that location, a button will appear to the right of instructions† Touching it will load the sky view and select Start the tour start a defined flight schedule that covers key points of interest.

While Apple has three-dimensional Flyover images and map data for various locations around the world, the selection is still quite limited. The challenge is to know which places support the Flyover resource without random searching and tapping. Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Lassen Volcanic National Park are featured on Apple’s Tweet, providing a good place to start, and many more can be found via a list on Apple’s website.

It is impressive to see a detailed aerial view of Yosemite or other National Parks. There are two modes of operation when it comes to using the Flyover. When a Flyover is loaded, it is not in free-view mode, with a drag gesture that allows users to move the view point or a pinch to increase or decrease the zoom. To tilt and tilt an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to roll around as if you were only docking or piloting a drone, a fun way to visit virtually interesting places around the world with maçã Cards.

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