VoIP for iPhone – Services and Applications

  1. Make free and cheap VoIP calls via iPhone
  2. Truphone
  3. RF.com
  4. vopium
  5. Skype
  6. Nimbuzz
  7. Rocket ship
  8. sipgate
  9. iPhone gnome

Make free and cheap VoIP calls via iPhone

Have you considered VoIP for your iPhone? Many of you have been seduced by Apple’s iPhone. One thing that will definitely improve your iPhone experience is the ability to make cheap, if not free, calls while using it. VoIP is the way to do it, and here are ways to make free, cheap calls from your iPhone to landlines and cell phones around the world.

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Truphone is the first service to get VoIP on iPhone. Truphone does a good job here in terms of integrating the app with the iPhone’s interface and environment, as well as call quality. The range of cheap destinations is quite large and the rates are interesting – around 3p (Truphone – British) for the main destinations.


RF.com is an iPhone

even without a real account with the service.


Vopium is a mobile VoIP service that allows you to make cheap international calls via GSM and VoIP, without the need for a data plan (GPRS, 3G, etc.) or a WiFi connection. If you have one of the latter, you can call other users using the same networks for free. Vopium also offers new users 30 minutes of free calls and 100 free texts to get started.




Nimbuzz allows iPhone users to make free WiFi calls to another WiFi phone or PC. It also supports voice and text chat with other popular instant messaging apps, about a dozen of them.

Rocket ship

Rocket works the same way as Judge. No soft phone needed. Some calls are free while paid calls are quite low. You can buy prepaid calling credit per call. The Raketu service also allows mobile users to text and email at a very cheap price.


Sipgate offers a softphone that allows you to make local and international calls for free and cheap on your iPhone over any Wi-Fi network. Yes, you need a WiFi connection. Allows you to bypass roaming. Sipgate is open to the services of any SIP provider. The service gives every new user 111 minutes for free.

iPhone gnome

iPhonegnome is a web service that, like Sipgate, allows you to use your iPhone to make calls over a SIP service or shared services such as Yahoo, MSN, and Google Talk. Phonegnome users can make free calls and the credit from your required Phonegnome account is used to call other people.

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