Huge snowdrifts are commonplace. In large areas, such as car parks and parks, special devices are used. But there is also a solution for the private yard – a snowblower can handle an unpleasant situation, saving you the unnecessary financial expense of hiring a janitor, not to mention ease of use. More and more people are thinking about buying a snow thrower. A snow blower is quite expensive equipment and not everyone can afford it. But if there is a walk-behind tractor, there is an interesting way to change the position – to install a special nozzle.

Advantages and disadvantages of a snow blower

One of the key factors when buying a snow thrower for a walk-behind tractor is savings. It will cost at least 30% less than a full-fledged “snow machine”, which also requires expensive maintenance.

The clumsy and cumbersome construction of a walk-behind tractor and its attachments is difficult to manage. It goes without saying that an inversion can cause some problems.

Cleans everything from the first snowflakes to old, wet spring drifts. Gravel and other debris that hides under the snow and enters the auger is not an obstacle.

Simple and robust design that can be repaired quickly at home, especially with simple tools and soldering.

A heavy walk-behind tractor, coupled with a snowplow, weighs about 150 kg, and in some cases more. Managing such a structure requires both strength and skill.

If the ground is uneven, the lower leading edge of the bucket will always catch on something. This is very annoying and interferes with the workflow. Attaching a sled partially solves this problem.

The nozzle is convenient for storage and transportation. When folded for the summer, it can also be pushed onto a shelf, thrown in a garage or trunk.

The low grip height limits the use of this accessory. The elevated snowdrift cannot be removed. There are simply no snowblowers for walk-behind tractors with high buckets.

The belt will often break. In fact, it is this node that experiences the main load. It’s always worth having spare belts on hand.

Installation of a snow blower on a walk-behind tractor

The assembly of the snow thrower is very easy. To pair the snowplow attachment and the walk-behind tractor, you need to follow a series of steps:

  1. Remove the mounting flange from the snow thrower.
  2. Secure the snow thrower to the unit using two bolts.
  3. Next, you need to attach the hitch to the snow blower clamp and secure with two bolts.
  4. Remove the shaft side guard and attach the drive belt.
  5. Install protection.
  6. Adjust the tension with a special handle.
  7. equipment can be used.

Snowblower or motoblock nozzle – which is better

The choice of the device should be based on the intended use and on some basic parameters: performance and price comparison. In terms of maximum power, the average index of a walk-behind tractor is 1-3 hp. above average car. It should be noted that the more powerful the device, the easier it will be to clear snow.

The snow blower wins in the price comparison. However, you should bear in mind that the walk-behind tractor can be used all year round, and snowblowers – only 3-4 months when it snows.

If the user is not afraid to work with wrenches, it is highly recommended to opt for a walk-behind tractor. Being originally a gardening tool, comfort is not its forte. But the walk-behind tractor is especially useful for those who are used to gardening or have separate areas for planting vegetables.

This device perfectly copes with snow removal even on large areas.