Watch the astronauts walk past the exit of the International Space Station in this video from liquid of queixo

esté International Space Station One of the most famous views of the infamous sky – but how about gazing at Earth from the space station? You can see exactly that, thanks to a viral video circulating online. In more than 60 years of human exploration of central space, we haven’t missed the photos and videos of these incredible journeys. Sejam photos of rovers on Mars, old photos of the moon from the Apollo rockets or Hubble images of distant galaxies, humanity has amassed a significant collection of space media.

As impressive as these discoveries are the spaces of the garden of a football field in orbit. Launched in April 1990, the International Space Station continues to do an incredible job of space exploration. As a human presence in space continues, astronauts are given a unique experimental environment, often visible to the naked eye on Earth.

Most people have probably already seen their quintal’s International Space Station — it swims with bright lights and basks in the sky. Embora is an intriguing view of Earth, which is even more impressive when you see the perspective.A Reddit user on the r/Space subreddit Recently, a NASA video was shared of an astronaut taking a space trip to the International Space Station. Embedding the video takes less than two minutes, the images captured in a very short time can be recorded immediately. From the perspective of an astronaut emerging from the International Space Station, the video shows them working on the space station while observing the huge blue marble beneath them. It’s cute, big and very gentle.

Although the video recently got a new lease of life on Reddit, the clip has been around for years. NASA originally shared it on November 28, 2017. Astronaut Randy Bresnik captured the video with a GoPro camera in use that year while repairing the Canadaarm2 robotic arm at the International Space Station. Commenting on the video, Bresnick says: “Sometimes in a spacecraft you have to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our planet.”

Most Reddit users seem to agree. user you/Seki_a dizer, “I don’t want to focus on the task at hand. I am constantly distracted by hope.” of the user you me I also expressed a fascination with curta-metragem, commentary, “I realized that my whole life was in a small place in that atmosphere. golpe. minha. mind. †

Last week, astrophotographer Dr. Sebastian Voltmer shared a photo of the International Space Station from a different angle. Using an advanced camera and telescope configuration, Voltmer captured highly detailed images of the International Space Station hovering above Earth. Even more impressive, this photo shows two astronauts walking out of space on a different space route. This is an impressive photo from a photographer on Earth or a GoPro video of an astronaut in spacepure power and admiration International Space Station It’s almost impossible to talk about that.

source: NASA, r/space

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