What are indents and tabs in Word?

  1. Give structure to your text with these throwbacks to the typewriter era
  2. Indentation: what it is and how to use it
  3. What are tabs in Microsoft Word?

Give structure to your text with these throwbacks to the typewriter era

indent sets the distance between the left and right margins. It is also used in bullets and numbering to ensure that text is aligned correctly.

Tabs play a role when you press a key tab on keyboard. By default, the cursor moves half an inch, like a multi-space shortcut. Indents and tabs are affected by the paragraph marks that appear when you click Input † Every time you press a key, a new paragraph starts Input

Indentation: what it is and how to use it

Indents appear in ruler † If the ruler doesn’t appear at the top of the document, check the box Ruler tab Vision † The indent marker consists of two triangles and a rectangle.

Word offers four types of indentation:

  • indent Left controls the space between a paragraph and the left margin. To change it, click at the very bottom of the indent marker — the rectangle — and drag it to a new position.

  • indent Right controls the space between the paragraph and the right margin and has its own highlighting. This is indicated by a single triangle on the ruler in the current right margin. Click and drag it to change the field.

  • indent First line used to indent the first line of a paragraph or each paragraph. Click the top triangle of the indent marker and drag it to where you want the first line to be indented.

  • indent hanging determines how paragraph text is placed below the first line. This is usually set when you are working with bullets or numbering and the text is misaligned. Click and drag the second triangle (the one in the middle) to apply the hanging indent.

You can also apply padding over the area Section tab At home

What are tabs in Microsoft Word?

Like padding, tabs are placed on the ruler and text placement is controlled:

  • tab Left used as a dash on the first line; it moves the first line of the paragraph to the tab position.

  • tab Medium centers the entire paragraph on the tab in the ruler.

  • On the tab Right the text aligns to the correct position of the tab.

  • If your document contains numbers with decimals, the tab Decimal ensures that the numbers are on the decimal point.

  • You can tab . use Panel to position the vertical bar at the stop position of the tab. The bar descends for each line of text that controls this tab, whether you press a key or not tab to go there.

The fastest way to set the tab stop is to click on the ruler where you want the tab to be. Whenever you press the Tab key while typing, the text aligns where you nest the tabs. Drag the ruler tabs to remove them.

For more accurate tab placement, click Format and choose Tabs to open the tab window. There you can place exactly tabs and select the type of tab you want in your document.

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